You Can Now Become Shake Shack's Very Own Chief Avocado Officer

Every so often, a company might invent a special position focused on promoting a particular food. For instance, Canada's Candy Funhouse created the job of Chief Candy Officer and invited the public to apply. Launch Potato offered to pay $1,000 to whoever landed the post of Tater Taster. Now, for certified guacamole groupies and avocado admirers in search of a new title, Shake Shack has the opportunity to share. According to the fast food chain's official Instagram account, it is currently seeking its first-ever Chief Avocado Officer.

The promotional stunt is meant to honor the brand's new Avocado Bacon menu, which features the Avocado Bacon Burger and Avocado Bacon Chicken. The items feature fresh avocados hand-sliced on location, in place of prepackaged spreads. Though the position doesn't seem to be an offer of genuine long-term employment, there are a number of perks for the Chief Avocado. These include a uniform composed of exclusive Shake Shack merch, a one-year supply of free Shake Shack, a private tasting menu of the chain's new Avocado Bacon menu items, and, most shockingly, a whopping $3,000 "Avocado stipend" in the form of American Express gift cards.

How can you apply to become the chief avocado officer?

Shake Shack's official website has a form that would-be avocado officers can fill out, so long as they are over 18 years old, and currently live within 25 miles of a participating Shake Shack establishment. That last requirement could pose a problem for a lot of people because as of last year, it only had 436 total restaurants. While the chain is expanding its reach, it may take a while to reach the pervasiveness of, say, McDonald's, which boasts more than 38,000 restaurants.

The form is fairly simple and only asks applicants to provide their first and last name, email address, and a brief list of things that make them feel that they're a perfect fit for the role. It concludes by asking applicants to submit "a love letter to an Avocado" in the form of the creative medium of their choosing. Obviously, Shake Shack is allowing avocado lovers to run wild, but it won't be like a marathon. Like the delicious fruit, this offer won't last long. The promotion is open from August 11 until August 18.