A Costco-Themed Birthday Party Is Just As Fabulous As It Sounds

With their devotion occasionally verging on cult-like, Costco fans are passionate about their big-box grocery store. After all, we've even seen people get Costco Tattoos to prove their fandom, so choosing to theme a birthday party around the wholesale giant seems like a relatively tame idea. In a recent viral TikTok, a creator shows us just how fun a Costco-themed party can be. In celebration of her 28th birthday, Jasmine Pak threw a bash complete with hilarious costumes, on-point decorations, Costco food, and, of course, free samples.

One of the highlights was the party's impressive spread of "Costco food court icons," which included most of the store's favorites: rotisserie chicken, chicken Caesar salad, pizza, twisted churros, hot dogs, and chicken bake. Each food featured a classic printer-paper Costco label displaying its name, price, and size. The centerpiece was a Kirkland Signature birthday cake with a custom sign.

Other fun details included pizza, hot dog, and rotisserie chicken pool floaties, and on-theme costumes. Guests dressed up like Costco employees and shoppers of all stripes, from a "Sunday Costco mom" to a regional manager. Two even wore shirts that echoed the food court hot dog signage. Another guest was dressed as a sample-hungry customer, eagerly accepting a sample on his way to the party.

A Kirkland Signature twist could be what your birthday needs

There's been an impressive viral Costco-themed birthday cake on TikTok, but an entire birthday party is next-level dedication. Sure, it's been done before — mainly by parents throwing their children Costco parties, with some posting on TikTok. However, this video proves that Costco-centric celebrations aren't just for kids. Yes, Kirkland vodka deserves some appreciation at your party. "Ain't no party like a wholesale party ...  @CostcoWholesale I love you," the caption reads.


Aint no party like a wholesale party 😫💦 @Costco Wholesale i love u #costcotheme #costcoparty

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The comments on the viral TikTok were full of Costco fans inspired by the idea. One commenter writes, "Wait, this is iconic," with another wondering if their invitations looked like Costco memberships or coupons. One person pointed out another bonus of a Costco party, writing, "This is so funny and probably so low-key cost-efficient." It's true; If you're getting all of your party food and drinks from Costco, not only are you staying on theme, you're probably saving some money, too.