The One Meal Ree Drummond Would Eat Every Day Has Us Salivating

Even with the ability to cook dozens of delightful meals, renowned TV cooks like Ree Drummond have a favorite they'd choose over anything else. Star of Food Network's "The Pioneer Woman," Drummond has two meals she says she could eat every day — one that's homemade and another from a restaurant. "In terms of an official meal, beef fillet with béarnaise sauce, lobster tail with drawn butter, creamed spinach, and probably crème brûlée for dessert," she said in The Pioneer Woman Magazine (via Showbiz CheatSheet). When it comes to restaurants, Drummond enjoys a dish from New York City's Marea. "My restaurant meal would be pasta with octopus and bone marrow," she said.

As any chef would, Drummond has her own way of preparing these foods. When making a beef fillet, she incorporates ingredients such as cracked peppercorns, salted butter, lemon pepper seasoning, seasoned salt, and olive oil. To make lobster tail, her recommended ingredients are black pepper, fresh lemon juice, garlic, salt, olive oil, red pepper, and lemon wedges.

Unfortunately, you can rarely eat your favorite food every day. There is one thing Drummond does eat just about daily, however: cheese.

One food Ree Drummond actually eats daily — and one she doesn't

Though Chef Ree Drummond would like to eat beef fillet and lobster daily, that's not a realistic diet. Still, there is something the chef includes in nearly every meal. "One thing I eat every day would have to be cheese," Drummond revealed to Today. When it comes to cheese, she isn't picky — she likes white cheddar, Swiss, goat cheese, feta cheese, and more. "I never met a cheese I didn't like," she said.

One good thing about making your family's meals yourself is the ability to include, and not include, any food you'd like. That's to Chef Drummond's advantage, as there's one food the star refuses to eat. "I don't like bananas. I like to drive that point home," she said to Trendsetters Magazine. She even goes as far as to say the perfect recipe is one "that doesn't have bananas." Instead, it contains "something that results in what you want to eat."