The Topsy-Turvy Jell-O Shot Hack You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Although they're fun, making and eating Jell-O shots can present a host of issues. For one, it's tedious to make a large amount of them — that's why hacks like using a pancake batter dispenser exist. In addition to making them, consuming them can be tricky too. While it can be fun to try to slurp the Jell-O out of the little plastic cups, it can also be super awkward if you don't get it out on the first attempt. That's where a new trick comes into play that promises to make downing those Jell-O shots at the party so much easier to consume: turn the shot upside down to prevent the Jell-O from sticking to the cup. 

To do it, simply pour your liquid Jell-O shot into the cups, add the lid, and then flip each one before refrigerating. The result is a shot that sticks to the lid rather than the edges of the cup, allowing you easy access to that Jell-O goodness and making it so much easier to slurp down.

Is the hack worth it?

In the realm of Jell-O hacks, this seems like a great idea and the perfect way to get the normally sticky Jell-O out of the plastic cup, but users in the comments of one TikTok video demonstrating the hack are not fully sold. One commented, "The point of Jell-O shots is to see who can get it out best using only your tongue," while several others agreed and relegated the hack to the realm of amateurs who don't know what they're doing. 

Like any hack, try it at your own risk — some who have tried this hack shared that their Jell-O still stuck to the cup. To avoid this, try spraying your plastic cups with non-stick cooking spray. Or you can forego the cups by using food-grade syringes designed for Jell-O shots, or making the shots as one big sheetpan of Jell-O and then cutting them into squares to avoid the plastic waste altogether.