The Coziest Corner Of TikTok Is Where Baking And Camping Meet

Nestled inside the already-small TikTok niche of "forest cooking" is the cozy (if hyper-specific) corner where baking and camping intersect. In real life, no one would actually go to the trouble of making fancy casseroles or stews while on a camping trip — even letting bread dough rise in the comfort of your own home is inconvenient enough — but fortunately, a subset of dedicated TikTokers is showing people what true glamping looks like.

These online creatives somehow turn picturesque scenes with chirping birds and babbling brooks into ideal baking spots. TikTok creators like @menwiththepot set up elaborate cooking stations in beautiful forests, complete with cutting boards, mixing bowls, and wood fires. Their videos show off not only their baking skills but also their camping resourcefulness. From fresh bread to chocolate-filled pastry, it seems like no baked good is impossible to make out in the wild. Although these TikTokers' recipes are challenging, they might inspire viewers to try easier one-dish camping meals, like an apple cobbler or even pancakes.

Any baked good is possible out in the forest

Once you go down the rabbit hole of forest-baking TikToks, you start to see that with a few camping tools and a good fire, any baked good is possible. TikTok creator and certified forest baker @thenikosknifee created a divine chocolate-filled pastry while surrounded by nature. First, they combined flour, eggs, and other ingredients to create a homemade puff pastry — in a wooden bowl, naturally. Then they laminated the dough by incorporating butter, and once they had layered and rolled it out multiple times, they made individual pastries filled with melted chocolate and fresh fruit, which they baked in cast iron skillets over a fire. The results were golden brown and flaky — the perfect warm dessert to follow up a campsite dinner.


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Pastries are only the beginning — you can also bake bread over an open fire, which is exactly what TikTok creators @menwiththepot and @bushcraft_staywild did. The former made a savory cheese-and-bacon-stuffed loaf, and he even went the extra mile to prepare a garlicky dipping sauce. Creator @bushcraft_staywild took a more traditional route in preparing a simple — but equally delicious-looking — loaf of white bread.