Texas Roadhouse Mixed Drinks And Cocktails Ranked Worst To Best

Maybe Texas Roadhouse isn't the first destination on your list of sure spots for tasty cocktails and delicious mixed drinks. Considering how many juicy mixes this barbecue steakhouse is serving up, it might to time to change your thinking. Sure, it's not a super-trendy craft mixology bar serving up diamond-shaped ice cubes in a repurposed vase with a splash of overpriced booze finished off with a whiff of hickory smoke. But if you're looking for a refreshing drink to pair with your meat and three sides, there are plenty of workable options to fill your glass.

But having a drink menu that is as deep as the heart of the Lone Star State doesn't mean every flavor is worth the savor. We took a look at the listing with a discerning eye, assessing the creativity, enjoyability, and quality of ingredients. We also did a check-in to find out which were most popular with members of the online cocktail crowd who get their sip on at this popular chain. As long as you're not expecting to indulge in Hawaii, the only state without a Texas Roadhouse, this guide will help you determine the best drink items and what not to order when bellying up to the bar.

18. Tito's and soda

Cocktail purists have an eyecatcher of an option with Tito's and soda, a drink that doesn't hide behind a clever name or a fancy presentation. Fans of Tito's Handmade Vodka will recognize the quality of the spirit they're ordering, jazzed up with crackling club soda spritz. A slice of lime on the side makes an unobtrusive garnish that can lend extra flavor if the moment calls for it. There's no guesswork here; what you see on the menu is what you get in the glass, a plus for lovers of stability when it comes to refreshment in fluid form.

If you're a modest drinker who likes a drink that has nothing more to offer than a touch of fizz and a taste of Tito's, then you'll be in heaven when your order arrives. You'll probably be paying a fair portion of your bill to your choices from the bar, though. Something as easy to make as a vodka soda is a lackluster way to spend your hard-earned entertainment money. While this simple combination gets points for its plainspoken nature, it's a far cry from the best beverage you can get on your night out at Texas Roadhouse.

17. Cactus water

You may be surprised to find there's no actual cactus water in the cocktail of the same name at Texas Roadhouse. But the name sure sets you up for an adventurous sip. Who wouldn't love to try a refreshing concoction anchored by Espolòn reposado tequila with lime juice accents and the fun fizz of club soda? This combination should be a sure shot to quench the most powerful thirst in the Lone Star State, or at least in the restaurant that bears its name. Unless you know to expect a salty-spice sprinkle added to your desert-themed beverage, you'll want to watch your taste buds on the Tajin-dipped rim. All in all, not a bad way to represent the mix-and-match flavor profile of the Southwest.

It turns out this take on a better-known drink called ranch water is one of the simpler creations on the menu. You'll find many copycat recipes online, which may speak to the popularity of straightforward beverages with recognizable ingredients. But if you're paying a premium for liquid enjoyment, shouldn't you strive for something a bit more expressive? The answer is an emphatic "yes!" That puts cactus water near the bottom of the barrel (that's a pun for the desert dwellers).

16. Island Cooler

If you can't head for the Gulf and take up residence in a hammock near the shore, an Island Cooler may be the next best thing. This beverage may be the most colorful concoction the Roadhouse serves, thanks to the Monin Blue Curacao syrup adding audacious hue to the glass. With Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps rounding out the trio, you can savor a sip of the tropics no matter what the weather outside might really be like.

Some locations call this libation Kenny's Cooler in honor of country singer Kenny Chesney. You can call it a melted Smurf, if you'd like. The fishbowl glass it's served in only makes the ultra-blue liquid look more cartoonish, which isn't exactly a good thing when it comes to adult beverages. If eye-catching novelty drinks rendered in unnatural shades are your cocktail of choice, then this ocean-hued creation is likely to awaken all your senses in a single serving. If you're looking for something a little more sophisticated, steer clear of this island and set sail for more satisfying shores.

15. Long Island iced tea

You don't have to live in Texas or on Long Island to enjoy a Long Island iced tea that combines the two locales; simply dropping by a Texas Roadhouse bar will do the trick. The usual suspects — vodka, rum, and gin — do their part to make the blend in the glass look like actual iced tea. Triple sec, sweet and sour, and Coke show up on the scene to complicate the flavor. The company acronym for the drink, L.I.T., is a clever reference to the power of this concoction. It's a loaded recipe that should be consumed with caution, especially by those new to the cocktail scene.

You might be pumping the brakes on this beverage when you realize there are no liquor names being dropped in the shaker. You would be correct to do so. Our suspicions were raised by the notable lack of call-outs for the brands of spirits used. Why so secretive? Roadhouse rockers may never know the answer. So if you're willing to take a chance with your fun money and buy a basic beverage, grab your wallet for it. We think you can drink better.

14. Gin blossom

Was this cool creation named for the jangly '90s alt-rockers from Tempe, Arizona, or the skin condition frequently attributed to alcohol consumption? Whichever it was, the gin blossom certainly sounds like a can't-miss mix for beverage connoisseurs with a taste for sweet and sour swizzles. Tanqueray provides the herbaceous gin notes, while Minute Maid lemonade and strawberry puree turn up the juice. There's also a bevy of club soda bubbles bouncing around to make the party frothy. With so much blooming in the recipe, there should be a celebration waiting for all who order one, even if it's a solo jaunt for a quick bite and a beverage that doesn't go overboard with fancy frills.

While the combination sounds like a good time in a glass, we really have to question the choice of lemonade in the recipe. Sure, it's an easy splash when you have Minute Maid flowing in the fountain drink tap. But if someone is paying a pretty penny for a prime pour, shouldn't Texas Roadhouse be willing to give a better squeeze? We think so. The choice of Tanqueray isn't enough to elevate this option higher than below-middle in our ranking.

13. House frozen margarita

Anyone who likes things a little slushy when it comes to adult beverages will appreciate a house frozen margarita, a drink that has its origins in Dallas, of all places. This icy imbibe may be a tribute to its state ancestry, or it may just be a sweet and tangy thirst quencher that's earned its place on the counter. Whether or not you get a brain freeze to go along with the tingly flavor is based entirely on your sipping style.

This frosted take on the standard version of the Texas Roadhouse margarita is a bit more fun than its rocky counterpart. Still, it's the bare minimum a marg can be, even with the added flash and panache of its fluffy frozen state. Aficionados of the usual margarita magic likely won't be offended with one of these in hand, but don't get frosted out of choosing something better when the waiter drops by to take your order. Anyone with a more developed palate will be on the search for a more advanced margarita.

12. House rocks margarita

For anyone thinking margaritas are summer cocktails, Texas Roadhouse has a house rocks margarita that begs to differ. In fact, with the restaurant calling out National Margarita Day on February 22, there's no reason to reserve your margarita mayhem for warm weather. You can glide into the Roadhouse in your neighborhood and put your order in for a tangy lime-and-tequila toss-about in the middle of winter and thumb your nose at Jack Frost with a frosty fill-up of your own. Take that, polar vortex.

There's probably no question that Texas Roadhouse knows how to do a marg. Is the house version the 'rita you want to be rocking? If you're not picky about your pour, then sure. But the outlet didn't dedicate a separate menu to margaritas just to have the first choice listed be the best of the bunch. Other options rock the house harder than this. You may not be disappointed by what you get when you order one, but you can definitely upgrade to a margarita with more to offer.

11. Fruity margarita

This blended name for two blended margaritas is Texas Roadhouse's way to save space on the menu. Take your choice of either a strawberry or a raspberry margarita in frozen form. You'll get exactly what's described: a frothy mix of tequila and blended fruit that lends sweet flavor to your meal or your evening out. If predictability is part of the plan, then you're in for a real expected treat that your best friend should talk you out of, in favor of a little excitement. No judgment here, just encouragement to take the opportunity to jump into a more daring drink.

Though raspberry seems like a novel choice for a margarita flavor, the lack of originality in offering two very mid options feels like a bit of a cheat. These drinks are for anyone who isn't sure what they want to drink; they just know they don't want to take a chance with their cocktail money. Sure, they'll get something safe and familiar no matter which one they choose. But also, they'll get something safe and familiar ... no matter which one they choose. Middle of the road: meet middle of the ranking.

10. Texas peach fuzz

Does a drink with a cute name come through when it comes to flavor? Maybe a Texas peach fuzz is the cocktail that can do it. With Tito's vodka and DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps in the line-up, a quintessential flavor of the South is represented in a sweet yet assertive way. Without sugary bubbles in the glass, this drink offers a sharper version of a Bellini to make your ribs and slaw lunch into more of a brunch-style affair without putting on airs. It's a mix of Southern simplicity and upscale style that does its best not to offend.

Folks who head to Texas Roadhouse for a drink that doesn't demand a lot will adore this peachy pour. There's sweetness and spark, but not too much of either, in a glass that's likely to feel fresh and light without making a big to-do about it. When juice drinks seem like a step too high on the sweetness scale but something drier just won't hit the spot, try this modest mix instead.

9. Top Shelf L.I.T.

Imagine a Long Island iced tea that uses three premium spirits to elevate a humble drink to a more exclusive status. That's what Texas Roadhouse does by using Wheatley vodka, Tanqueray gin, and Bacardi rum in its Top Shelf L.I.T. Rather than using unnamed liquors as in the restaurant's more straightforward version of the beverage, your bartender will break out the good stuff for this saucy treat, though the sweet and sour, triple sec, and Coke remain the same. For aficionados with an affinity for familiar brands when it comes to their booze, the namedropping in this drink is a definite eyecatcher.

This is a sip that wears its distilleries on its sleeve — or its manufacturers, at least. Fans can make an informed decision about whether they consider the trio top shelf, which boosts the Top Shelf L.I.T.'s standing to a higher level, if not the apex of the Roadhouse roundup. With an unknown price difference between a standard L.I.T. and this superior selection, it's anyone's guess how much you might pay for a better beverage. But if you're a discerning drinker, knowing what you're getting usually makes it worth handing over the extra dollars.

8. Southern Whiskey L.I.T.

Put a touch of twang in your vowel sounds with a version of Long Island iced tea that uses Southern whiskey in three forms and skips the gin altogether. Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Southern Comfort jump into the shaker for a three-partner square dance that'll make you wonder where exactly Long Island is located. Regardless of the GPS on this L.I.T., lovers of dark spirits will be headed in the direction of this charming triple take on a Northern original. Even if your Texas Roadhouse steak is entirely affordable, a drink like this will make you feel full-on fancy pants. 

Maybe we're easily charmed by the idea of using regional ingredients to boldly reinvent a drink with its place of origin featured in its name. But iced tea is a Southern staple, so crafting a kicky take on a well-known cocktail while winking at the geography makes this tasty treat a high-ranker in this beverage rodeo. With all that bottle brand recognition, hold onto your hat for a fun and wild ride when you spill this tea. Actually, don't spill any of it; this one should be sipped and savored to the very last drop.

7. Jamaican Cowboy

Shaking up the cocktail scene with an inspired cross-cultural beverage, the Jamaican Cowboy is Texas Roadhouse's tribute to island flavor stirred by a cool Gulf breeze. The mélange of Malibu Rum and DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps is enough to inspire Bob Marley dreams played on steel drums and steel guitars. You may be confused by an internet search that labels this libation as part of the margarita scene, especially when Roadhouse locations themselves share the recipe. That's an added Southwestern touch that you can gauge for yourself regardless of where you find it on the menu.

It looks like an innocent enough swig in the glass, but beware the sugar factor on this melodic mix. Rum is a sweet enough spirit to get your taste buds moving to the music, but adding a peach liqueur to the party can put a damper on your groove. If the margarita mix-up proves to be true, you may find enough additional flavor to even out the taste tempo. However you order it, have your dancing boots ready for a ranch-and-reggae mash-up.

6. Mango margarita

The house margarita gets a literal glow-up with a hearty helping of mango puree, transforming the basic lime version into a tasty tropical tongue twister. The color is enough to set hearts singing a calypso tune, a shimmering sunshine gold that signals good times ahead. Try ordering one of these and not having an impromptu celebration as soon as it arrives at your table. You're likely to be tapping your toes to music only you can hear for the rest of the evening.

As fruit margaritas go, there's a reason this zippy sip gets its own listing on the menu. It's a much more vibrant take on the recipe, giving a visual punch that delivers a flavorful wallop with every glorious sip. Yes, it's sweet; it's supposed to be. But it's a more favorable fruit sweetness that makes your libation feel lush instead of sluggish, and it should make you feel the same while you enjoy it. Order this one if you're ready to bring a more fruitful vibe to your cocktail life.

5. Old fashioned

If you like classic drinks with a splash of nostalgia, an old fashioned is your go-to Texas Roadhouse order. No fun and games here; just the smooth stylings of Maker's Mark bourbon whiskey sharing the glass with bitters and a flavoring mix made in-house by the Roadhouse mix masters. It's a clean read on a drink that's shown up as a regular on craft cocktail menus, without a bell or whistle to be seen. This formulation is a hat tip to those who can tell the facts from the flim-flam and aren't willing to settle for a flash-in-the-glass beverage.

There's something perfectly on point about this measured pour that elevates it to the upper echelons of the menu. Maybe it's the choice of bourbon that sets it apart from the pack or the homemade mixer that gives it a touch of mixology magic. Yes, it's simple, but it's also thoughtful and precise, exactly what an old fashioned fan is looking for. You don't need to come into the restaurant in your bow tie and suspenders to enjoy a throw-back to a more elegant age of cocktail connoisseurship when you saunter in. Casual wear will do just fine.

4. Hurricane margarita

The historic figure behind Captain Morgan's rum might be intrigued to know his eponymous spirit is used to create a hurricane margarita, one of Texas Roadhouse's signature drinks. This sip is a popular pick that home mixologists like to try on their own with a recipe so enticing that Texas Roadhouse shared it online during the pandemic. This tropical twist on a beloved Southwestern drink feels like an idea every beverage fan should applaud.

Who adds rum to a perfectly crafted margarita recipe, you ask? The genius Roadhouse mixologists, who bring the spicy sweetness into an already flavorful brew to make an original reimagining of the familiar favorite. There's also pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine in the glass, doing their best to make the mix look like an island sunset. If there's a hurricane a-brewin' somewhere on your horizon, this sweet solution is the calm you can count on before the storm hits.

3. Sangria margarita

A margarita that adds even more fruit flavor with the use of sangria sounds like a double blast of deliciousness. Rather than reaching for the usual suspects on the margarita scene, Texas Roadhouse reaches for its house-made sangria and brings a little vino to the festivities. The juicy essences adrift in a red wine base poured into the tingly citrus zing offer a chance for complexity that transforms both drinks into a punchy partnership that fans of each beverage should appreciate.

We call this inspired mix a step up on the margarita scale, a notion that takes two beloved beverages and merges them into an unfussy yet elegant cocktail-like beverage. Both blends show off their Mexican roots without vying for star billing, forming more of a cooperative effort than a competition. If you're intrigued by just how far a margarita can venture into the world of wine without losing its essential personality, this ravishing ruby-red pour is a good indication.

2. Porch Rocker

Think of a Porch Rocker as a homestyle pink lemonade with a grown-up kick. That's what you're in for with this merging of Austin's own Deep Eddy Vodka in its most lemony form with juicy blackberry syrup from Monin, the masters of sugary mix-ins. It all turns a soft shade of pink in the glass, stirring memories of summer evenings cooling off in a downhome country swing. A slice of lemon bobbing on top provides an adorable garnish like lemonade from back in the day. But this isn't your grandma's sweet drink, although she might enjoy a sip of yours if you're feeling generous. Heck, she's your grandma — reach deep and spring to get her a glass of her own.

This one comes in high on the list, as much for the gently sugary flavor as for the sweet nostalgia it inspires. It's not a flashy, neon-hued mixture like those big-city beverages. It's more of a quiet contemplation on the timeless comforts of the South. It's also inspired a slew of home mixologists to try to craft their own and share the results on TikTok, a modern sign that Texas Roadhouse is onto something special with this quaint quaff.

1. Legendary margarita

A margarita that bears the name "legendary" has a lot to live up to. Maybe that's why Texas Roadhouse bottles and sells its Legendary margarita mix for fans to enjoy. This concoction gives you a touch of blue agave, the exotic tang of Persian lime juice, and orange oils for a sophisticated citrus essence. Add to this marvelous mixture the smoothness of Patron tequila, and you have the makings of a margarita whose story will be echoed for generations, or at least until the wait staff drops your bill.

Those who know superior margaritas from mere impostors should take aim at this beauty of a beverage. When a restaurant is confident enough about its creation to put the product on the market for home consumption, you know you're getting into something good. You can enjoy your own as you dine and add a bottle of the mixer to your tab for future use at the homestead. Because the Roadhouse takes extra care to make this one a special sip, it ranks as our top-shelf drink.