Margaritas Aren't Just A Cocktail For The Summer

Nothing screams summer quite like an ice-cold, refreshing margarita. They cool us off under the sweltering sun and uplift us with their buzzy, intoxicating essence. Despite their summery pizzazz, margaritas are versatile and can easily be made to match the spirit of any season. If you're a margarita purist, look away! If, however, you're an adventurous drinker and enjoy the complexity of uncommon, delicious tequila cocktails, then you're in luck. There are plenty of convincing reasons to enjoy seasonal margaritas.

Many margaritas are made with fresh fruits and herbs, and the availability and quality of these ingredients can change with the seasons. During the summer, you might find an abundance of ripe berries, watermelon, and citrus fruits for your margarita. In contrast, during the winter, you might consider crafting margaritas with fruits like pomegranate and cranberry. In the fall, don't hesitate to make one with fresh apples or pumpkin spice, while spring is the season for honeydew melon- and mango-kissed margaritas.

Making seasonal margaritas expands your mixology expertise and opens up a world of unique, multi-dimensional flavors that rival the traditional tequila-lime margarita. It's not just seasonal fruits that can liven up your margaritas outside of the summertime. You can also shake up a batch of tequila libations with seasonal herbs and spices that pair well with quintessential seasonal meals.

Recipe ideas and tips for seasonal margaritas

Unless you're an expert mixologist or professional bartender, you may not know where to start when it comes to reimagining the summer margarita. Don't worry — we've got you covered.  

When leaves begin changing and fall drapes us in cooler weather, invite some friends over for margaritas with tequila, pear liqueur, and cinnamon-infused simple syrup poured over ice and garnished with fresh pear slices and a stick of cinnamon. Once winter brings snow and frigid temperatures, sit by the fire and sip on a margarita made with tequila, strained plum puree, fresh lime juice, a dash of coconut milk, and anise-spiced simple syrup garnished with a cinnamon-and-coconut-flake rim. As spring flowers bloom, lean into something familiar by shaking up a tequila margarita with triple sec and lime juice, but give it a springy edge by including lavender-kissed simple syrup and garnishing it with edible hibiscus flowers

When making seasonal margaritas, consider using different types of tequilas. Anjeo tequila will give your fall and winter margaritas a warm, spicy kick while reposado tequila pairs well with springy, floral cocktails. If you're going back to basics, blanco tequila is the clean, crisp variety that your summer margaritas need. Next time you're craving a margarita outside of the summer season, don't deprive yourself. Make one that matches the spirit of any season!