Girl Scout Cookie Snack Collabs, Ranked

Not only are Girl Scout Cookies delicious springtime treats, but they're also a highly profitable business model that other companies are keen to get in on. The effort of bringing beloved flavors from those colorful boxes to other products is an ever-expanding enterprise that seems to know no bounds. Reaching beyond the copycat cookies that are made by name-brand companies, you'll find collaborations with everything from pretzels to protein shakes sold on store shelves and websites around the United States of the Internet.

If Thin Mints and Samoas are good enough to dip in your coffee for breakfast, why shouldn't they have their own breakfast cereal and coffee creamers, too? Actually ... they do. We've uncovered Girl Scout Cookie collaborations with everything from fitness brands to dairy products, then ranked them for sensibility, overall ingenuity, and, of course, flavor. Some are sure winners, while others seem a bit far-fetched. 

No matter what sort of companies have come to the table clamoring for a cookie collab with the Girl Scouts, one thing is certain: the opportunities may be sweet, but the resulting products are not all equally inspired.

14. Yoplait yogurt

You might not think of yogurt as a worthy product for Girl Scout Cookie flavors to show up, especially considering the tangy base notes often present in yogurt, which may not mesh well with the unique flavors in the cookie line. Yoplait sees it differently. It envisioned a whipped yogurt with a texture more like mousse than standard yogurt, meant to carry the flavors of Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter Chocolate, familiar in Tagalongs. 

Yogurt can transform into a dessert-like snack, like frozen yogurt, so the possibility exists that our initial assessment is incorrect. Maybe cookie-flavored yogurts are the snack Girl Scout cookie fans have been waiting for.

Or maybe not. Caramel Coconut has a skeletal five reviews on Influenster, with a modest 3.2-star average and comments that indicate the taste is not all that great. Reviews elsewhere call out the artificial flavor of these fluffy yogurt inventions. We'll go out on a limb and say there are Girl Scout Cookie collabs that the world needs and others that should stay in the idea journal. This Yoplait partnership is one of the latter.

13. General Mills cereal

Who doesn't love the idea of eating Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast? General Mills totally gets it. The cereal giant connected with the entrepreneurial troop organization for what can only be described as a genius invention whose time has come. Limited edition Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch breakfast cereals give a sugary twist to your bowl of morning cheer. To add to the charm, each cereal takes on the shape of the cookie that inspired it, with Thin Mints appearing as chocolatey discs and Caramel Crunch showing up as sweet donut-like rings. This collaboration gets extra points for clever visual impact.

Though Thin Mints cereal currently holds an impressive 4.33-star average out of 55 reviews on Influenster and Caramel Crunch has received glowing reviews extolling the virtues of the cereal over its chocolate-mint counterpart, the idea of turning sugary cookies into sugary cereals sounds a bit too ... well, too sugary. Breakfast cereal is sweet enough on its own without emulating another sweet snack. So, while the childhood dream of cookies for breakfast is alive and well, the reality for many adults is that better collaborations exist. We're as shocked as anyone to find that out.

12. Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Carnation is the breakfast shake progenitor, having brought about the Carnation Instant Breakfast drink, which has since become Carnation Breakfast Essentials. These fortified morning drinks serve as a flavorful vehicle for an assortment of vitamins and minerals, working as a highly portable breakfast for morning folks on the run. Adding Coconut Caramel and Thin Mints flavors to the original chocolate formula gives selective shakers a tasty choice of day starters.

There's no real ground being broken here, however, other than the connection of two major names in the food game. These bottled beverages are a lot like enhanced milkshakes, a snack form that has included mint chocolate and caramel in recipes for generations. If you're hankering for a hit of Girl Scout Cookie flavor and you can't find anything else, these will likely hit the spot, even if you drink them as a non-breakfast snack. But the lack of imagination here keeps us from giving this collaboration more credit.

11. Skippy PB Bites

One of the newer collabs on the Girl Scout Cookie front are Skippy P.B. Bites, the peanut butter company's latest attempt to branch into the premade snack market. These little bites combine a chocolate candy shell with a filling of Skippy peanut butter. It creates a confection that bears a striking resemblance to Whoppers while delivering an entirely different snacking experience. Three flavors appear in Skippy P.B. Bites form: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Caramel, and Adventurefuls. While the first two flavors are no-brainers, considering the original ingredients, Adventurefuls are a repetitive mash-up of caramel, peanut butter, brownies, and sea salt — not that it sounds like a bad choice. Maybe if you opt for this flavor, you may not need to try the other two.

Excited social media users were all too happy to express their joy at finding Girl Scout Cookie Skippy P.B. Bites on the shelves. Yet taste tests by TikTokker @steph_murphy revealed less than ideal results for Coconut Caramel, but a better take on Chocolate Peanut Butter. We're not quite sure how we believe this all plays out, considering that the team-up of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter is such a common combination in the snack world. Currently, these Bites are a mid-level delight, at best.

10. GNC Protein Powder

Where do Girl Scout Cookies fit into the world of muscle building? If you're GNC, they fit into the flavor possibilities for your Sustained Protein Blend powders. The health supplement outlet partnered with GSA to infuse its whey protein powder with Thin Mints and Caramel Coconut essences. The result is a power-packed powder loaded with four different forms of protein. Workout warriors and committed CrossFitters can keep their macros in check while enjoying the taste of more tempting treats that might otherwise compromise their fitness goals.

These powders are low in sugar, a benefit not found in the original cookies on which they're based. Furthermore, the label promises a sustained release of protein for up to seven hours after consumption to maximize muscle building while keeping fitness fiends satiated. All gym bro supplement speak aside, it can represent a tasty compromise between snacking and sensible eating, even if there is some assembly required.

9. GNC Meal Replacement Shakes

Wouldn't it be great to taste cookies while you're drinking a meal replacement shake that's intended to be a health supplement, too? Thanks to a collaboration between GNC and Girl Scouts of the USA, meal replacement shakes that capture the flavor of beloved cookie creations are now a reality. Available in easy-to-transport bottled form, Total Lean Lean Shakes 25 contains a massive 25 grams of protein infused with the taste of the decadent treats that you already know and love. The liquid weight loss shake line includes Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel, tapping into some of the most familiar Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

If a more homemade shake is your meal replacement of choice, GNC offers the same flavors in powdered form, plus two additional flavors: Lemon and Adventurefuls. Blended with up to 10 ounces of water, these mixes create a beverage that the label claims will help you stay satisfied. It can represent a tasty way to stick to your health goals without sacrificing flavor, though it's questionable how well the original flavors translate into a product that uses sucralose as a sweetener.

8. Quaker Chewy Bars

If you're in the market for a granola snack bar that satisfies your taste for Girl Scout Cookies, Quaker Chewy bars could have you covered. These faux health snacks may pose as a mindful alternative to more sugary options, but the truth is they're a perfect pairing for Thin Mints and Caramel Coconut. Chewy bars often start with chocolate chunks and can come lined with peanut butter, so adding familiar flavor notes from Girl Scouts Cookies is a natural next step.

The currently limited number of reviews on the Walmart website indicates that Thin Mints Chewy bars are more popular than Caramel Coconut, which we think is a surprise considering the flavor and texture harmony those elements bring to the latter bar. Similarly scanty ratings on Amazon place both flavors in similar territory. 

A snack bar bursting with Girl Scout Cookie flavor should be a cause for rejoicing, not a reason to leave a meh review on the site where you bought them. These bars are a disappointment for sure, but at least they're not the worst integration of beloved Girl Scout Cookie flavors with an established snack brand.

7. GNC Layered Lean Bars

There are plenty of protein and meal replacement bars that already use chocolate mint and coconut caramel flavor combinations. So, why would GNC find value in connecting its lean layer bars with Girl Scout Cookies? The short answer: brand recognition. When you combine your existing bar with an organization known for high-quality goodies, you get the dual benefit of customers who are excited about a familiar treat presented in a healthy bar, as well as access to the flavors that customers expect.

As with the other collaborations between GNC and Girl Scouts, Layered Lean Bars are available in Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel, as well as Toast-Yay, a French toast-like flavor that brings cinnamon and vanilla into the mix. Each bar sounds like a Girl Scout Cookie candy bar with benefits, which isn't a bad way to snack even if it cuts back on the indulgence.

6. Gold Emblem Pretzels

Considering chocolate-dipped pretzels are a singular delight for fans of sweet and salty snacks, adding minty flavor to the mix gives these selective treat lovers a new treat. As part of CVS' Gold Emblem home brand, Girl Scout Thin Mints pretzels add a touch of prestige to an otherwise nondescript selection of CVS-exclusive snacks. While Thin Mints copycat cookies abound, only the Girl Scouts organization has an official take on Thin Mints pretzels. So why would a successful company okay a house brand version of a snack it already manufactures?

Maybe the double-up makes it easier for snackers to find Thin Mints pretzels in the same store where they buy dental floss and deodorant. All those CVS locations mean fans are rarely far from the chance to grab a bag of this snack that covers multiple tastes and textures. As long as the Girl Scouts are okay with it, we are too, though don't expect to be wowed.

5. Nestle Crunch Bars

Well, of course Nestle created a candy bar handshake with Girl Scout Cookies. Specifically, it incorporated Caramel & Coconut into its Crunch bar. This creation takes the candy favorite to new heights, with crisp wafer layers cradling the caramel and coconut for a more cookie-like crackle in each bite. The result sounds suspiciously like a Girl Scout Cookie dipped in chocolate — not that we're complaining. It's about time these two kids became friends and shared their combined happiness with the rest of the snack world.

There are also Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Crème bars to tempt your sweet tooth, all viable candidates when chocolate cravings strike. As an example, Thin Mints currently holds a 4.47-star average out of 116 reviews on Influenster, which is not too shabby a haul. With snacks so thoughtfully combined, there's little question that the flavors make both brands proud, though some may wish for a higher-quality chocolate.

4. Coffee Mate Coffee Creamers

Did adding mint chocolate flavoring to coffee inspire the Girl Scouts to partner with Coffee Mate for a special edition Thin Mints coffee creamer? Or did Girl Scout Thin Mints prompt Coffee Mate to add mint chocolate to its coffee creamer line? Whichever came first in this chicken and egg situation, this pairing is one of the most ingenious product combinations we can think of. Given the enduring adoration of the coffee-loving public for mint mochas, this is one collaboration that can't be anything but a qualified success. 

Not to be outdone by its super-chill partner, Coconut Caramel gets its own Coffee Mate creamer, which is rather confusingly called Caramel & Coconut for reasons unknown. Dropping a swirl of caramel, coconut, and chocolate into your coffee is an equally favorable choice. While these flavors have been floating around the coffee shops for decades, we can't help but be amped that the cookies we love finally get their picture on a creamer bottle of their very own. However, some shoppers may not be so excited about the contents of coffee creamer in general.

3. Pillsbury Baking Mixes

Bringing together baked desserts and Girl Scout cookie flavors is a total no-brainer in the world of product mergers. Pillsbury took advantage of this natural fit and created boxed baking mixes that let home bakers enjoy Girl Scout Cookie goodness even when deliveries are months away, in the form of Thin Mints and Caramel Coconut-flavored cupcake and brownie mixes. Given how easy these are to prepare, fans of the cookies can taste for themselves how these familiar flavors translate to a non-cookie treat.

Does the home-baked version of a popular cookie carry the same enticing power as the original? It seems so, as reviewers claim that the Thin Mints version tastes almost exactly like the original cookies. It's not shocking then that these snacks settle relatively high in the rankings here, though they take more effort to make than simply opening a box of the original cookies.

2. Breyers Ice Cream

Dropping Girl Scout cookies into ice cream is such an easy cheat a decadent combo that it hardly seems fair to expect Breyers to do it for us. But the ice cream giant knows a good thing when it tastes it and so joined up with GSA for a special edition carton that brings the best of both worlds to lovers of mint-chocolate magic. Breyers Blasts Thin Mints is a wintry cool concoction that features real Thin Mints cookies snuggled into a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream base. Fans of Coconut Caramel will likely enjoy Breyers Blast Samoas, too.

Reviews are unabashedly high for both flavors at Influenster. Currently, Breyers Blast Samoas enjoy a 4.54-star average out of a total of 71 reviews, while Breyers Blast Thin Mints rocks a cool 4.57-star average out of a total of 100 reviews. The best approach to this indulgent combination is to find a carton, grab a spoon, and try it out for yourself. Chances are, you'll be glad you did.

1. DQ Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard Treat Cake

Now we're talking inspired collabs! The Thin Mints Blizzard has been a flavor of the month at Dairy Queen before, where it received a warm reception. It may not be on the permanent Blizzard menu, but nothing gold — or chocolate and mint — can stay. Thin Mints themselves blow in with the mid-winter wind and move on by the time spring is in full swing, as Girl Scout Cookies are typically sold from January through April.

Yet, if you can find it while it's in season, the Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard Treat Cake may be the best option of all. It's a deluxe snack that doesn't disappoint on any front. This magnificent morsel combines delicious DQ soft serve, a gooey center of fudge sauce, and a generous crumble of Thin Mints on top. It's a cake that needs no celebration to be enjoyed and a snack that might take up permanent residence in your freezer once you know it exists.