Burger King's Trick Or Heat Meal Review: Grab This Ghoulish Delight Before It Vanishes

It was a dark and stormy night when Burger King informed the world of its terrifying plans for October 13, 2023 ... or maybe it wasn't. After all, we don't think BK actually waited until sunset on October 12 to announce the release of its new Trick or Heat meal. Still, there's no denying the fast-food conglomerate chose to fully embrace the spookiest time of year by first offering the meal bundle on the most sinister date of all: Friday the 13th.

Burger King isn't the only nationwide fast-food chain hoping to lure customers this Halloween, like a child-hungry witch from a Brothers Grimm tale. But unlike, say, McDonald's decision to reintroduce its legendary Boo Buckets this October, Burger King's Trick or Heat bundle isn't merely a kid's meal served in an incomparably fun container — it's a frightening feast for all ages. And since it features the returning Ghost Pepper Whopper — a hauntingly spicy take on its signature burger — and an order of Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, we simply had to try it for ourselves.

Whether or not you plan to confront your fears this Halloween season by getting the new Trick or Heat meal, you may be curious about BK's pair of exceptionally spicy ghost pepper-enhanced items. If so, keep reading for our review of the new Trick or Heat meal from Burger King.

What's in Burger King's Trick or Heat meal?

Compared to what you'd expect when ordering a combo meal from Burger King (or any burger chain), the new Trick or Heat meal bundle is a relatively unique beast. It still includes the necessary components required of a value meal, with a small side of fries and a small soft drink accompanying an entree. But the spooky meal doesn't force patrons to choose between a Ghost Pepper Whopper or Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries — it comes with both (as well as a Hershey Sundae Pie).

The Ghost Pepper Whopper — which had a successful run in 2022 leading up to Halloween — is topped with bacon, crispy jalapeños, ghost pepper cheese, and a spicy queso sauce, all served on a seasonally appropriate (and paprika-colored) orange bun speckled with black sesame seeds. The Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries are much less extravagant than the accompanying Whopper. Of course, while it consists of a relatively standard order of Chicken Fries seasoned with a ghost pepper spice blend, it's undoubtedly bound to bring a more punishingly peppery heat than the original item.

How much does Burger King's Trick or Heat Meal cost?

Can you guess the cost of Burger King's new Trick or Heat meal? That's not some gotcha-type trick question — given its debut coincided with a rare Friday the 13th in October, it shouldn't be shocking to hear the digital meal bundle costs $13 dollars. Of course, that includes the entire Trick or Heat meal bundle — with the limited-time Whopper, four Chicken Fries, a small drink, fries, and a Hershey Sundae Pie. 

However, if you're less inclined to grab a three-course meal from a fast-food place — or have no interest in ordering online or through the Burger King app (we'll address that momentarily) — you can still obtain the Ghost Pepper Whopper or Chicken Fries as individual items. We can't predict the cost of either item à la carte with absolute certainty, as the price may vary by location. Yet it seems fair to presume the burger will cost a smidge more than a regular Whopper — or somewhere between $5 and $9. Additionally, the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries will cost between $2 and $8, depending on the size of the order and your location.

Until when is Burger King's Trick or Heat Meal available and where?

Interestingly enough, despite the hullabaloo surrounding the release of Burger King's Trick or Heat meal in celebration of Friday the 13th, the Ghost Pepper Whopper and Chicken Fries were first made available on October 12. Of course, while interested consumers could grab the individual ghost pepper items a day early, they had to wait until October 13 for the entire Trick or Heat meal.

Now, the Trick or Heat meal (and corresponding ghost pepper menu items) appears to be available at each and every Burger King location throughout the U.S. However, you won't be able to simply drive to your local restaurant and order it from the drive-thru or inside at the counter (for those folks who willingly choose to park and go inside). In fact, if you'd like to purchase the limited-time bundle, you'll have to order the digital exclusive meal ahead of time via Burger King's website or mobile app.

Additionally, the Halloween-themed products won't last beyond the end of October. Presuming supplies last throughout the month at your local store, the Trick or Heat meal (and its components) will only be available for digital purchase until October 31, 2023 — before vanishing like a g-g-ghost!

What is the nutrition info for Burger King's Trick or Heat meal?

To be perfectly honest, we're not sure we've ever reviewed a product with a higher total calorie count than Burger King's Trick or Heat meal. After all, if you decide to consume the entire bundle, including the loaded Ghost Pepper Whopper, four Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, small fry, and Hershey Sundae Pie? You're looking at a nightmare-inducing 1,600 total calories — and that's before you include any additional calories from the soft drink or dips.

Now, given a few of the main components found in the meal are year-round menu items, our main interest (nutritionally speaking) is with the Ghost Pepper Whopper and Chicken Fries. First off, the Ghost Pepper Whopper — with its duo of cheese toppings, bacon, and crispy jalapeños — is the textbook definition of an every-so-often culinary treat. Between the 48 grams of fat, 1,670 mg of sodium, and 830 calories, the most terrifying aspect of this truly outrageous burger may be its effect on your waistline.

The Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, on the other hand, come with 140 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 370 mg of sodium. Of course, although the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries won't be the death of your diet, when you combine them with the remainder of the Trick or Heat meal, it's another story.

How does it compare to other Burger King products?

At first glance, there are key differences between the Trick or Heat meal and other similar Burger King products. We've already addressed several of these distinctions, like the fact that this app-exclusive, Halloween-specific meal bundle comes with two entrees, as well as a dessert Hershey Sundae Pie.

As for a comparison between the Ghost Pepper Whopper and a standard Whopper with cheese, the former eschews all the usual toppings (lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, and an American cheese slice) for a fiery blend instead. And unlike the original, the alternate set of Scoville scale-busting ingredients found atop the Ghost Pepper Whopper are apt to burn your tongue with every bite, sending you screeching for a glass of milk to soothe the pain.

The Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, on the other hand, don't appear to be drastically different from classic Chicken Fries. But while both feature white meat chicken strips covered in seasoned breading, the new item's ghost pepper spice blend is essentially guaranteed to leave you sweating. Additionally, the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries contain slightly more calories and fat than regular Chicken Fries, though it's a fairly negligible tradeoff.

Burger King's Trick or Heat Meal Verdict: This picante pairing is a Halloween home run

Our review of Burger King's Trick or Heat meal boils down to two items: the Ghost Pepper Whopper and Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. For starters, neither ghost pepper-centric concoction was unbearably spicy, so it's unlikely you'll be unable to overcome the heat. Still, the name isn't a misnomer by any means, and there's far more heat than trick in each entree — meaning spice-sensitive diners should heed caution.

Now, the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries were pleasant enough, and the gradual-yet-lingering piquancy was a welcome change of pace from the (frankly, sort of boring) standard Chicken Fries. But the ghost pepper poultry product also tasted somewhat familiar – unlike the wholly unique Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Of course, the Ghost Pepper Whopper's distinctive nature wasn't solely what made it the star of the Trick or Heat meal ... but it helped. The deliriously delicious crispy jalapeños were a textural treat, while the ghost pepper cheese and queso sauce blended together in indistinguishably melty glory. Even the smoky contrast offered by the bacon was crucial to ensuring the spicy burger remained palatable.

In short then? We'd easily recommend facing your fears this Halloween by grabbing a Trick or Heat meal. If you can only order one item, though, go with the Ghost Pepper Whopper — and thank us as the sweat pours down your smiling face.