Campbell's Soup Flavors Ranked, Worst To Best

Who doesn't know Campbell's? Founded in 1869, the canned soup brand has endured for more than 100 years, and that longevity can be attributed to a long line of delicious, easy-to-cook soups that'll make you feel fuzzy inside without breaking the bank or taking too much of your time. With countless soups available to try, it is challenging to figure out your favorites among the many unique and familiar flavors. And while personal preference always plays a part in any ranking, not all Campbell's soups are made equal.

But don't worry about hitting every grocery store in town to try out all of the brand's soup flavors. We've compiled a list of some of the most notable soups from the brand, ranking them from worst to best. You'll want to keep some of these on hand in your pantry; others may warrant leaving behind in the grocery aisle. But no matter how you feel about this ranking, a little trial and error will help you determine the soups that are just right for you. Raise your spoons, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to dig in!

11. Chunky split pea soup with ham

When it comes to indulging in a steaming bowl of hot soup to warm your belly, there are some household staples that people often turn to, like chicken noodle or potato. But can you picture the average person perusing through their pantry for a can of split pea soup? This Campbell's soup offers a unique flavor experience that may appeal to some, but its niche appeal means many may not appreciate its charm. It is an acquired taste for even the most staunch soup lovers.

This soup is truly one of a kind, but unfortunately, not for the right reasons. The smell of the soup after you heat it up is an omen foretelling a mouthful of trouble. A peculiar, overwhelming chemical smell wafts from the bowl, likely from the natural smoke flavor that the soup offers unsuspecting eaters. The natural smoke flavor packs a debilitating punch, making this soup difficult to consume unless you have a powerful affinity for smokiness — it leaves a bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, even for the hungry folks who enjoy this particular flavor. The texture also doesn't do this soup any favors, with a sludginess that is less like a ready-to-eat soup and more like the base you combine with other essential cooking ingredients. This is a soup you won't regret passing over in the grocery aisle.

10. Chunky sirloin steak with hearty vegetables

When you first lay eyes on a can of this soup, it is easy to be lured in by the promise of a comforting meal. The label, brimming with appetizing images, beckons you to embrace the hearty goodness within. It's almost poetic — bits of sirloin steak, potatoes, and fresh veggies all drowned in a soothing broth — a quick, simple, tasty meal after a long, hard day at work. At least, that's what it would have you believe. Fast and simple, sure. But tasty? Well, this soup leaves much to be desired. Not even Oliver Twist would ask for more.

When you eat a spoonful of this soup, your taste buds may recoil from the flavor. It's like a sip of lighter fluid, and nobody longs for that flavor profile. The runny texture doesn't help the unpleasant taste. You'd expect a Chunky soup to have some body and thickness, right? Unfortunately, this one is watery like a kiddy pool, almost as if Campbell's decided to leave the heartiness out of the hearty vegetables part.

The greatest offense is the lack of steak. It's easy to wonder if the steak was misplaced in the recipe because it's playing side and seek in the can. The scant morsels of meat you stumble upon are like rare treasures — the picture on the label is misleading. So, as it stands, opt out of this soup; it's probably not worth your time.

9. Chunky savory pot roast

A good pot roast can warm your heart and belly on a cold winter night, so this soup should naturally appeal to those who enjoy the comforts of a home-cooked meal. While it's not terrible, it's not great either. Some might find it oddly enjoyable, but for others, it's a bit of a salty shock to the system. It's got that peculiar fake meat taste that's almost, dare we say, a tad chemical. Think squirt cheese versus authentic sharp cheddar. Each has its appeal, but most people will prefer the real stuff.

Texture-wise, this soup is in the decent camp. It's not too watery, which is a plus, and the scent is pretty agreeable without being too strong or assertive. But here's the rub — it doesn't quite capture the essence of a genuine pot roast. It's a canned soup, so setting your expectations too high would be unfair. But Campbell's has a reputation for offering soups that emulate homemade flavors pretty well, so this one is a bit of a letdown.

Let's talk about the potato-to-everything-else ratio; it's off-the-charts disproportionate. Potatoes are delightful, but in a pot roast soup, you expect a hearty blend of meat, carrots, and spuds, right? The ingredients got their roles mixed up, and the potatoes erroneously took center stage. A rebalancing is needed for this soup to change its status as more than a mediocre last-minute dinner dish.

8. Chunky sirloin burger with country vegetables soup

Campbell's Chunky sirloin burger with country vegetables soup is an absolute mouthful of a name, alluding to the kind of soup that could make even a lumberjack feel full. It's got a great symphony of ingredients swimming around in the broth: potatoes, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, onions, and those little round sirloin burger pieces. This soup isn't playing around when it comes to filling you up, and that means you'll get your money's worth. But there is a frustrating detail about this soup that's become more common with the Campbell's brand in recent years.

Those burger pieces are on the thinner side, and there's a scarcity issue compared to the other food bits. So if you're craving a meaty explosion with each bite, you might be left searching. Some might also find this soup a touch too salty, so if your taste buds are sensitive in that way, be prepared. Still, some really good flavor intermingling with the salt curtain makes this soup pretty appetizing, especially when you're in a rush or just too tuckered out to cook after a long workday.

Is this soup worth a try? Sure. It's a meal in a can that's filling, tasty, and ideal for those "I just can't cook tonight" moments. But remember that despite the name, this dish isn't as meaty as the name suggests, and that's a real shame.

7. Tomato soup

While Campbell's tomato soup may not be at the top of this list, it is a staple in many households and, for some, an irreplaceable part of their weekly dinner routine. This soup has a nostalgic quality to it, creamy and hearty, like the homemade tomato soups prepared for you on a cold winter night. It embodies that classic tomato soup taste pretty well; just add a dollop of heavy cream and a few well-chosen seasonings, and this smooth delight will go from "that's good" to "wow, that's kind of amazing." You can get these delicious results without all the pot-stirring and vegetable-chopping madness, making it a win-win. There is a slight bitter aftertaste though, as is the nature of many tomato-based dishes, but the gentle sweetness masks it well.

The best part of this soup is its versatility. It's like the chameleon of comfort foods, ready for any occasion or weather. Now, let's talk about tomato soup pairings because this soup is only as good as the sides you eat with it. It's creamy and dense, so you need an accompaniment that will provide a textural contrast; think crispy crackers, gooey grilled cheese, goldfish, or pita bread — they all take this soup to the next level of scrumptiousness. The next time you're looking for something warm and familiar, a can of this soup may be just what you need.

6. Homestyle Italian wedding soup

Picture this: a soothing chicken broth generously peppered with round, wonton-like pasta, earthy spinach leaves, and plump meatballs. Your mouth is watering, right? This soup is a beautifully textured medley that will capture your taste buds with each spoonful. It's a one-bowl wonder because it's packed with veggies, protein, and carbs, leaving you feeling like you've just dined at an Italian wedding feast.

The taste is just right, capturing a satisfying richness without being too salty. However, some palates may find the understated flavor profile somewhat bland, needing a pinch of something extra to give it a little kick. You might also find the meatballs somewhat spongy, so if that's a texture preference you're not inclined toward, you may not fancy them.

Still, unlike some other Campbell's soups that skimp out on the meat, the meatballs in this dish are the highlight, with a hearty plentifulness that makes you feel like you got your money's worth. Honestly, all the ingredients play their role as they should and taste fresh and inviting for what you're getting. With a bit of personal seasoning added to the mix, you've got yourself a delicious dish.

5. Chunky Old Bay seasoned clam chowder

This is the kind of soup that should amass a cult following due to its unique composition and flavor. A tasty tribute to the sea, this genius collaboration with the Old Bay seafood seasoning brilliantly captures the essence of that zesty spice blend without losing the classic clam chowder charm people adore from Campbell's. It is genuinely brilliant. It's a cozy, comforting bowl of goodness through and through. Rich, creamy, and effortlessly satisfying, this soup will have you sighing in relief on those days when you don't have the energy to whip up a feast from scratch.

Since this soup is generously seasoned with Old Bay, it has a spicy kick. Don't worry; it's not tongue-burning spicy, but it does add a nice zing, ensuring each spoonful packs a flavorful punch. But on the flip side, it is Old Bay, and anyone who knows a thing or two about Old Bay knows that it can be a little salty. Campbell's should consider a low-sodium version for those who prefer a gentler ocean kiss instead of a salty splash.

If you're one of those Old Bay lovers and die-hard Stans, this soup is a treasure to your senses. And for the newbies, this soup's unique flavor is enough reason alone for you to try it out and, perhaps, discover your newfound love for this oceanic seasoning delight.

4. Chunky classic chicken noodle soup

As a brand, this Chunky classic chicken noodle soup is a quintessential flavor in Campbell's lineup. It's fair to say the simplicity of this soup is its charm, making it the poster child of comfort. When it was released back in 1991, it received the highest home use test scores ever for a Campbell's product, solidifying its place as a staple for many.

It's hard to match the coziness of this soup. It charmingly captures the essence of home cooking more than any other Campbell's product. With noodles, generous chunks of chicken breast, tender carrots, and celery, it's like an old family recipe passed down through generations. You won't find any avant-garde flavors here, and that's kind of the beauty of it. This is not a groundbreaking soup; it's about giving you exactly what you expect from a homemade chicken noodle soup. The taste is familiar and agreeable for everyone, from kids to adults.

This soup pairs well with a classic grilled cheese sandwich or a side salad, harmonizing the textures and flavors. It's truly a last-minute meal savior, the go-to for when you don't have the time or patience. So what more could you ask for? This one is a must for the pantry, hands down.

3. Chunky spicy chicken and sausage gumbo

Capturing the essence of gumbo's South Louisiana and West African roots, this spicy chicken and andouille sausage gumbo from Campbell's transports you to the bayous and jazz-filled streets of New Orleans with one whiff. It's a hearty mix of meat, rice, and vegetables drowned in a tasty, rich broth that will fill you up like a Southern feast on Mardi Gras. With no antibiotics, it's an excellent recreation of homemade gumbo, offering a party in your mouth without all the hassle of cooking and waiting for all the ingredients to finish simmering. Who has the time?

This soup is packed with flavor. There are a lot of spices in this soup that give it an impactful and memorable taste, like garlic, green and red peppers, onions, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, paprika, and more. With so many spices used to add a kick to the soup, it does pack some heat. The spiciness is the most defining trait of this dish, which may be too much for some unsuspecting consumers who did not expect it to be that intense. But for the spicy food lovers out there, this one is a gem.

This gumbo will make the perfect dish for heat seekers and hungry bellies wanting a little adventure, a fulfilling soup that doesn't shy away from a bit of heat.

2. Chunky pub-style chicken pot pie soup

Here we are at the runner-up position in the Campbell's Olympics, and boy was the road to this point full of twists and turns. This pub-style chicken pot pie soup does many things right and sits comfortably near the top of comfort food country. A soup should fill and soothe the eater, and this product channels the spirit of a traditional chicken pot pie down to a T. It's hard to turn down a steaming bowl of this soup filled to the brim with tender chicken chunks, soft dumplings, corn, tender carrots, and peas. The aroma is intoxicating and homey, filling the room and beckoning you to dig in.

It's the best part of a chicken pot pie without the crust. Some may argue that the best part of a chicken pot pie is the crust. Sure, the lack of that golden, flaky crust is a tad disappointing because it adds a nice layer of texture to contrast the richness of the filling, but that's no shade to this soup. After all, it's only a soup, but a darn good one. If you still need that crust-like experience when eating this soup, then biscuits make the perfect sidekick, stepping in as a reliable and delicious substitute for that missing crust. When the pot pie craving suddenly hits and you're in the mood for a comforting bowl of soup, this one gives you the best of both worlds, crust or no crust.

1. Chunky creamy chicken noodle soup

Even though number two was a good runner-up, the number one best Campbell's soup has no competition when it comes to perfectly hitting all the criteria that make an impeccably delicious, soul-warming, and hearty soup. Campbell's Chunky creamy chicken noodle soup blows all other soups out of the water by a sizeable margin. This fan favorite has the best texture for a soup. It's rich and creamy, but not so thick that it's hard to eat after a few spoonfuls. The consistency is so smooth you can't help but want to dig in for another bite.

Few things in this world are perfect, but this soup comes very close. It has an aromatic, tantalizing scent that wafts up from the bowl and is truly irresistible as you wait for it to cool off. Actually, you'll struggle not to eat it right away, so be careful not to scorch yourself. But once it's cooled down enough, all bets are off, and it's time to fully enjoy the lusciousness of this soup. It is flavorful with the right amount of saltiness and seasoning. It's an easy, palatable dish that anyone can enjoy. It takes the familiar concept of traditional chicken noodle soup and amplifies it so that fans will likely develop an insatiable craving for more.