The Viral Jack Daniel's Pound Cake Is A Boozy Wonder

If you don't already, you should start adding booze to your cakes. These adult desserts are predictably a huge hit: Offer anyone a slice of your rum cake recipe or your pink champagne cake, and your guests will probably already be rummaging through the liquor cabinet, searching for the perfect boozy addition.

As such, Instagram has us digging for a bottle of Jack Daniel's to incorporate into a honey pound cake. User treatedroyal explains that this dessert begins with a basic pound cake recipe, then calls for honey to add sweetness (and to complement the whiskey). Once the cake is baked, a hefty cup of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey whiskey goes into a simple syrup, which will saturate the cake.

Alternatively, home bakers can add a dash of Jack Daniel's to the cake batter itself, as well as to the icing. This method is perfect if you prefer a less-soggy pound cake, or if you already have a pound cake recipe you like. Either way, keep in mind that you'll need to adjust the amounts of your other liquid ingredients.

Different types of Jack Daniel's make different kinds of cakes

Though Instagram user treatedroyal highlights a pound cake recipe using honey and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey whiskey, this isn't the only option for incorporating whiskey into your favorite pound cake. For instance, Jack Daniel's also offers "Fire" and "Apple" whiskeys. Tennessee Fire, which brings the heat of cinnamon liqueur, could make an excellent addition to a fall spice cake. After all, cinnamon is a heavy hitter in any pumpkin spice mix, so why not add cinnamon whiskey to a pumpkin-spiced tres leches cake? By a similar token, you could use Tennessee Apple whiskey to really boost the green apple flavor in your favorite spiced apple cake recipe.

Again, no matter which flavor of whiskey you choose, always make sure you reduce the other liquids going into your recipe so you don't end up with a soggy cake. You should also keep in mind that up to 65% of the alcohol will evaporate during cooking, so you should plan accordingly.