How Many Chicken Nuggets Are Actually In KFC's Famous Bowl?

Although no one can deny that KFC's Famous Bowl is popular, the fact remains that customers have been very vocal about the actual quality of the meal. Perhaps the biggest point of contention is the number of chicken nuggets included in the bowl.

One Reddit user complained that their Famous Bowl contained only five chicken nuggets, wondering if that was standard policy or a way to stretch the product further. It's also worth noting that KFC replaced the beloved popcorn chicken that used to appear in the bowl with chicken nuggets, which are a bit larger in size.

Regardless of why changes were made, several KFC employees have confirmed that they are told by corporate to only add five chicken nuggets to each Famous Bowl. Of course, some locations are more lenient with their nugget counts depending on management, but the next time you order this KFC staple, you should keep in mind that employees' hands may be tied.

The nuggets in KFC's Famous Bowl could be limited by serving size

While it's easy to blame the Famous Bowl's low nugget count on corporate frugality, the issue could also very well boil down to serving size. The new chicken nuggets are, admittedly, a bit larger than the chain's discontinued popcorn chicken, so while the Famous Bowl used to have a full layer of chicken, a change in product could mean a change in quantity.

Determining exactly how many nuggets are in a serving is a difficult task. However, when comparing popcorn chicken's nutrition info to that of the restaurant's chicken nuggets, it appears that a small order of popcorn chicken and a five-piece order of chicken nuggets are relatively close in calorie count. If the Famous Bowl indeed included the equivalent of a small order of popcorn chicken, then the new version, which uses five of KFC's chicken nuggets, is still about the same amount of chicken. Regardless, it's always within your power to request additional nuggets for your Famous Bowl.