KFC's First-Ever Chicken Nuggets Have Finally Arrived

When it comes to fast food, people often have strong opinions about which chain has the best burgers and fries. Of course, this is no different with chicken nuggets, and fast food fans are split on where to find top-notch nuggets. We've even conducted polls to find out where to get the best chicken nuggets. In one poll, over 40% of people said Chick-Fil-A had the best chicken nuggets. But in a later poll, the Golden Arches took the crown and 35% of survey respondents said McDonald's had better nuggets.

Now, another chain is entering the chicken nuggets ring, and you may be surprised to learn who. According to Nation's Restaurant News, KFC is adding chicken nuggets to its menu for the first time. But how can a chicken chain not already have nuggets? While KFC has Beyond Fried Chicken Nuggets and popcorn chicken, this is the restaurant's first classic chicken nugget option that's made with real meat (per Nation's Restaurant News).

Where can KFC customers try the new chicken nuggets?

Although Kentucky Fried Chicken is bringing chicken nuggets to its restaurants for the first time, the chain is still testing out the product. Unfortunately, this means the nuggets won't be available nationwide yet, and we don't know if or when fans at-large will be able to try them. For now, CNN says that the new nuggets will be available in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Nation's Restaurant News explains that the nuggets will be launched at Atrium Health maternal centers because they "help bring new nuggets into the world each and every day" (per KFC press release).

Like KFC's classic chicken offerings, these nuggets will have the chain's signature blend of 11 herbs and spices, according to CNN, which adds that these chicken nuggets are meant to draw in younger customers who prefer boneless chicken. While KFC fans outside of Charlotte might be disappointed they can't try the nuggets yet, there are still plenty of chicken nugget options out there. We've ranked store-bought chicken nuggets so you know which ones to buy, or you can make some at home using Ree Drummond's secret for the best nuggets.