Blueberry Pasta Is The Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

While we'll always have a soft spot for the classic pasta recipes like bolognese and pesto, there are also plenty of less-conventional methods of cooking and serving pasta out there. For instance, Poland's sweet strawberry spaghetti, which pairs pasta with a sweet sauce made from mashed berries, has inspired creations like blueberry pasta. However, blueberry pasta takes things to a whole new level by incorporating berries into the noodles themselves.

Whereas a homemade pasta recipe traditionally calls for just eggs and flour, blueberry pasta begins with blueberries, flour, and a splash of water. Once thoroughly blended and kneaded together, the dough can be cooked just as you would with any other fresh pasta.

Because blueberries are subtle in flavor, with notes of both sweetness and acidity, they won't overpower your already-delicate pasta. What's more, their unique flavor profile allows you to take dishes in either savory or sweet directions without the ingredients conflicting. Turns out blueberries are far more versatile than we could have ever imagined!

What to pair with your homemade blueberry pasta

As mentioned previously, blueberries pair well with many unexpected ingredients, which means you can take a dish made with fresh blueberry pasta in all sorts of different directions. For example, you could create more of a dessert pasta (a la Polish strawberry pasta), making a sweeter sauce with yogurt, sugar, vanilla, and blueberries. You could also sautée your blueberries with oil and butter and pair them with something more savory, like cheesy ravioli or tortellini.

For the ultimate savory pairing, you might even consider folding your blueberry pasta in with sautéed mushrooms, rosemary, onions, wine, and -– of course –- cheese. The sugar in the blueberries enhances the meatiness of the mushrooms while balancing the savory flavors of cheese and the aromatic nature of rosemary. Sure, this combination may initially sound strange, but the flavors work surprisingly well together. After all, mushroom varieties like chanterelles, creminis, and porcinis go well in dishes that are rich, creamy, and aromatic. Sounds like a pasta dish, if you ask us.