Does A Flaming Dr Pepper Shot Actually Feature The Soda?

Dr Pepper is among the most distinctive and beloved sodas on the market, refreshing legions of fans for more than a century. However, those looking for a more adult beverage may have come across the Flaming Dr Pepper; a unique, potent alcoholic drink. People who have yet to try the drink may be wondering – does it actually feature Dr. Pepper?

It turns out the answer is no. The only three ingredients of the beverage are beer, amaretto, and overproof rum. Bartenders make it by pouring a glass of beer, followed by a separate shot of amaretto, an almond-flavored Italian liqueur. The overproof rum is gently layered on top of the amaretto shot which barkeeps then light on fire and carefully drop into the beer. Then, customers quickly chug or swallow the entire beverage in one gulp.

The result is a mixture that many say tastes just like Dr Pepper's famous blend of 23 flavors. That flavor profile comes in addition to a hefty intoxicating punch equivalent to two to three standard servings of alcohol or more.

Dr Pepper shots make an impression

While it's often referred to as a "shot," a Dr Pepper shot is actually far larger in volume than most typical shots. Typical shots start around 1.5 fluid ounces for pure liquor or slightly more for shot-style cocktails. Most recipes call for about eight ounces of beer or around half a typical pint glass. Combined with the extra ounces of liquor, it can reach nearly 10 ounces total, which is a lot for some to consume all at once.

It's also critical to note that, to make it correctly, home mixologists need overproof rum like Bacardi's infamous 151-proof style, not just any old bottle from the shelf. With upwards of 75% alcohol content, it burns in a way that traditional light, dark, or spiced rums won't due to their lower proof.

If the flames, high alcohol content, or chugging aspect of a Flaming Dr Pepper don't quite match what you're looking for, there are myriad other easy cocktail recipes anyone can make at home. On a weekend night, a Flaming Dr Pepper might be exactly what the doctor ordered.