The Wisconsin Brand Buddy Valastro Calls The 'Cadillac Of Cheese' For Pizza

Buddy Valastro, star of the hit TV show "Cake Boss," has a not-so-secret love affair with pizza. On the bustling Las Vegas Strip, he's not only the king of desserts but also the maestro at PizzaCake, his New York-style pizzeria at Harrah's Hotel & Casino. Valastro's passion for pizza is undeniable. He admits it's his "favorite food in the world." (Apparently, too much cake is a real thing!) So, of course, his mission was to leverage the best ingredients to grace fellow pizza aficionados' taste buds in his pies. This led him to source his casual eatery's mozzarella cheese from a small town in Wisconsin known for its top-notch dairy products. He opted for Grande Cheese, which Valastro has lovingly dubbed the "Cadillac of Cheese."

When Valastro decided to open PizzaCake, he dreamt of a place where his love of pizza could be transformed into an unforgettable dining experience for Vegas tourists and residents. However, the quest was no easy feat. Valastro's team worked tirelessly for six months to develop a pizza recipe that would satisfy even the most discerning palates. The cornerstone of the joint's pizza is the dough, which is fermented for three days. This meticulous process ensures the crust's unrivaled flavor and crisp, chewy texture. The next element of the equation is a velvety tomato sauce, providing a balanced profile of umami, sweet, and tangy. But the magic of Valastro's 'za doesn't stop there.

Grande Cheese Company is famous for its superior quality

What truly sets PizzaCake's pie apart is its delicate layers of shredded artisan Italian cheese. While refining the recipe, the crew recognized that not all cheeses are created equally and that Grande Cheese Company, a prestigious Wisconsin-based brand, stood head and shoulders above the rest.


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Grande Cheese, nestled in the heart of America's Dairyland, is a widely recognized name among those who appreciate the art of pizza making. Its cheeses are the preferred choice for countless independently owned pizzerias and restaurants across America. Why? Grande Cheese's fastidious cheese-making process yields a product that is undoubtedly rich, creamy, and full of authentic character, making it an ideal companion for pizza.

Buddy Valastro's zeal for pizza is apparent in every bite, and the secret to his success lies in his unwavering dedication to perfection. Each element is carefully chosen to construct a slice that is nothing short of extraordinary. His journey, driven by his lifelong craving for the classic comfort food, has culminated in a culinary masterpiece that has found a home in Sin City. Grande Cheese's well-deserved title as the "Cadillac of Cheese" makes quite a lot of sense, as it's highly coveted, versatile, and centered around pride in craftsmanship — just like the luxury vehicle.