Who Is Joshua Weissman's Wife, Kate Weissman?

It's hard not to like energetic YouTube star, chef, and best-selling cookbook author, Joshua Weissman. His story is one we can all get behind; someone who began as a bit of an underdog, and worked their way up to become a self-made success story. Overweight and picked on as an adolescent, he honed in on cooking to control his health. But as the weight was lost, followers were gained, and he became a sensation when he began sharing his tips and recipes with the world. Now, 1.8 million people follow him on Instagram, while over 8.5 million tune in to watch his entertaining food-related YouTube content every week.

But more recently, Joshua hasn't always been alone in the frame while whipping up succulent burgers or tasty Ramen bowls. A few years ago, fans began to take notice of an extra special guest popping in to participate in some of the chef's incredibly popular recipe tutorials, and things with this guest — formerly known as his girlfriend, Kate — have escalated. Kate Rosendahl and Joshua Weissman tied the knot in May of this year in a private ceremony in Italy. Though we have caught small glimpses of the happy couple in the kitchen on film, many of us can't help but wonder ... who is the woman who stole the heart of the charismatic chef? Who is the newest member of the Weissman family, Kate Weissman?

She recently graduated law school with a Juris Doctor

A Juris Doctor is a terminal degree obtained from law school and a certification that must be earned before one can take the bar exam and ultimately practice law. While being accepted into law school, in general, is highly competitive to begin with — between a 6.9 to 35.3% student acceptance rate for most programs in the United States, according to Coursera — finishing is the real challenge. First-year students reportedly read up to a total of 75 pages a day as part of their coursework requirements, so it goes without saying that such a grueling, fast-paced, and book-heavy program could very well flush out a number of hopeful participants. However,  Kate Weissman apparently isn't one of them.

The newly-named Mrs. Weissman has another new, exciting title, as well — law school graduate. "The law school bit has finally come to an end," she posted on her Instagram profile in May of this year. Beside this caption is a photo of her smiling proudly in full cap and gown — glowing with obvious joy and relief at the program's culmination. Her J.D. was obtained from the South Texas College of Law Houston, a private law school with a rich history located in the heart of the Texas city. There can be no denying that this is a major and impressive academic achievement, and we look forward to seeing what Kate does in the future.

Before that, she was a teacher

Before taking steps on the path to becoming a lawyer, Kate began her professional career as a teacher — an eighth-grade history teacher known as Miss Rosendahl, to be exact. She started in 2019 after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Texas State University, majoring in history while completing two minors: geography and political science.

Unfortunately, it appears her teaching experience began just before the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic — a particularly challenging time to be an educator since schools were shut down and virtual learning was thrust on the masses. In May 2020, Kate posted a heartwarming photo to her Instagram page featuring her standing outside an empty school building holding a cardboard sign and wearing a mask. "Rona may have taken the last several weeks of school away," the header reads, "but it didn't get to take my goodbye." The large sign, which appears to have been held up on the last day of school as a way for the budding teacher to connect with the students she missed seeing in the classroom daily, reads: "Miss Rosendahl says hello!"

She is Danish by blood and appears to have dual citizenship

Danish people, or those from the European country of Denmark in Scandinavia, are often associated with having blonde hair. In fact, World Population Review reports the small region as being one of the "blondest" countries in the world from a genetic standpoint. Kate Weissman, who grew up Kate Rosendahl, has a head of striking light blonde hair ... and as it turns out, this can likely be attributed to her genetic makeup rather than a box of hair dye.

In an Instagram post from March of 2021, Kate shares an exciting piece of news with the world ... and reveals a bit of her heritage in the process. "Dad became a U.S. citizen today!" she announces, standing alongside her father, holding a U.S. flag. A handful of alleged family members responded with encouragement and congratulations in the comments section (many of them in the Danish language), including emojis featuring the flags of both Denmark and the United States. "Congratulations to him," joked one user — a presumed family member with the surname of Rosendahl. "I can't believe my uncle doesn't want to be Danish anymore!" Responded Kate: "Meanwhile, I'm begging Denmark to let me keep my Danish citizenship." While we can't confirm whether or not she was successful, we can say that we are rooting for you, Kate.

Unlike her husband Joshua, she's a terrible cook

They say opposites attract — and at least in the kitchen, this appears to ring true for the Weissmans. While Joshua could be considered a bit of a wizard with a spatula, the same cannot be said for his wife. Since the beginning of their relationship, when Kate began popping up on the chef's popular YouTube channel, Kate's inability to cook has been the couple's niche. "Cooking challenge against my girlfriend who doesn't cook" was the title of a video from 2021 — just one in a long string of similar features.

Her admission of this lack of skill — and her willingness to be poked at in good fun for it — is one of the things that has made her, and the couple together, so endearing to fans in the first place. "I love how Joshua is a professional chef, and his wife has no idea how a bowl works." said one commenter under another YouTube video. "I love how they call themselves names like 'pal, buddy.' That shows, despite [the fact] they're married, they're really just best friends," responded another lovingly. "Now we need to see Josh pass the bar exam with Kate's help," joked a third, referring clearly to Kate's obvious intelligence.

She's a big Frank Ocean fan and was bummed when he pulled out of Coachella

Kate Weissman's Instagram is full of Frank Ocean references, heavily suggesting that she is an avid fan of the rapper. She appears to have followed him to festivals where he was performing, as well, posting in 2022 from the Austin City Limits Music Festival with the caption: "Someone explain to me the Omar Apollo and Frank Ocean timeline."

However, one post from April of this year included a different and more cryptic description. "It's been a tough week for us Frank Ocean fans," she said with a sad-face emoji alongside a photo of herself standing in what appears to be the Coachella Valley in California — the location of one of the biggest music festival events in the country. The timeline of the post, as well as the scenery in the photograph, points to the fact that Kate Weissman was personally affected by the great Coachella scandal of 2023 ... in which Frank Ocean, who was the number one anticipated performer of the year, dropped out last minute — leaving a heap load of devastated fans in his wake. Sadly, it appears Kate Weissman was one of them ... and potentially Joshua, as well. "RIP but cute," the chef commented on her photo. Might he have been there alongside his beloved in California, equally bummed out? It appears possible.

She's apparently a fan of lemon chicken ... while her husband is not

Those following Kate or Joshua Weissman on social media will quickly discover a mysterious inside joke regarding one dish in particular — lemon chicken. It seems that on nearly every anniversary, the poultry dish is mentioned. "I still haven't made her the lemon chicken," said Joshua on his official Instagram in a Valentine's Day post from 2022. Fans have even gotten involved in the rivalry. "Please make her the lemon chicken," responded one user on the same post, while another on Kate's profile a year later commented on another related post: "Make that chicken and make the lady happy." Though the couple has never divulged the full story behind the joke, our conclusion is that Kate Weissman loves the citrus-and-chicken combination ... while Chef Joshua cannot stand it.

But in 2022, it appears that Kate's insistence — or, perhaps, her steadfast love — finally wore the YouTube chef down. "I'm making her the 'lemon chicken' TODAY," he announced proudly on his Instagram beside a photo in which the two sweethearts are standing side by side. "Only took you 6 years to break me down mentally and emotionally enough to make this godforsaken item. Happy 6 year Anniversary darlin!!" It would appear the making of the mystifying lemon chicken served as some sort of romantic turning point, given that the two were married thereafter.

She also loves doughnuts ... and their relationship began over one

Does anything say true love more than a personalized pastry? Better yet ... a personalized doughnut? Personalized doughnuts, just like cakes, have their very own market. Plenty of bakeries offer the fried pastries in the shapes of letters or words, or provide piping services, where a client can request that a customizable message be written across a loved one's favorite single doughnut pick. The treats can be used for delicious birthday gifts, congratulatory acknowledgments ... or for presenting some of life's difficult questions to doughnut-loving crushes.

Apparently, Kate Weissman is a doughnut-lover ... seeing as Joshua Weissman chanced that she would say "yes" when he asked her to be his girlfriend over a massive personalized one in 2016. On his official Facebook page, the chef posted a picture of an adorable scripted doughnut, which appeared to be a simple vanilla glazed. "Will You Be My GF?" was written across it in romantic purple cursive ... creatively utilizing the hole in the center of the doughnut as an "o." "Shout out to over a year ago," the July 2017 post read, "when I asked my girlfriend to be my girlfriend, via a donut." We have to admit, deep-fried sugar and frosting would make it very difficult to say 'no.' Well played, Joshua.

She appears to enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking

Kate Weissman may very well be getting nutritious and delicious meals regularly, thanks to her all-star chef husband. However, it appears she is obtaining another equally important health benefit from elsewhere, as well: vitamin D from the great outdoors. Kate's social media accounts are overflowing with scenic pictures taken in various coastal, tropical, or mountainous regions — and the smile she wears in these captured images is one of pure joy.

When she's not hitting the books, the young bride appears to be in her element outside, specifically presenting as an avid hiker. Many of her Instagram photos show her proudly scaling the tops of beautiful peaks, such as the one at Big Cedar Mountain in Chattahoochee National Forest or the edge of the seaside cliffs at Beachy Head in East Sussex, England. On one of her posts, which includes a photo of Kate scaling the cliff of some unknown rocky ledge in 2018, she captions the words: "This is the Earth it's hot don't pollute." This, of course, refers to the infamous Paris Hilton scene from the Simple Life, which often goes trending on Earth Day. What better way to express your love for the world in which we live than by quoting Paris? In all seriousness, the passion Kate feels for nature is evident. 

She's a loyal taste-tester, and supporter of her husband

Family members often become guinea pigs for their ambitious partners. Even Jonas Salk, the creator of the Polio vaccine, tested the earliest developed versions on his own family first. Thankfully, Kate Weissman's sacrifice for her husband has not included needles — but it has included eating. Sometimes, Joshua Weissman admits, things that may not be the most appetizing. "5 years of me forcing you to eat things you don't want to," he said lovingly on an Instagram anniversary post, while another on Facebook reads: "Thank you for always being such a good recipe taste tester, because sometimes I make some really weird stuff."

In this same post, Joshua praises and thanks Kate for her avid supporter of his passions — even when they cut into personal time. "Thank you for always accepting me and supporting my crazy endeavors, keeping me grounded, and loving me all at the same time," he professed. "I know my [...] work habits are vastly different from others [...] This tends to scare people away at this age, but not you, because you're physically and emotionally strong, even when I can't be." And when Joshua's "An Unapologetic Cookbook" became a New York Times Bestseller, Kate didn't hesitate to post about it on her own platform ... a modern-day display of pride and support for her spouse. We foresee a bright future ahead for the newlyweds ... and, hopefully, plenty more cooking competition videos between the two.