Ellie Barbee

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
University Of North Carolina At Charlotte
Food Education, Healthy Eating, Dietary-specific Needs
  • Ellie has eaten her way through a large chunk of the world. Her favorite place to dine was Sydney, Australia, where she learned through an awkward encounter with a waiter that what she called ketchup, he knew as tomato sauce.
  • Competing on "Chopped" is an item on her bucket list, and she practices by getting creative with leftovers and a half-empty pantry while her hungry kids scurry about underfoot.
  • Ellie is a self-proclaimed charcuterie connoisseur. She began her own cheese-board-building business and has catered events from children's birthday parties to Christmas celebrations to military retirement ceremonies.


Ellie is an avid foodie and passionate storyteller who considers food and writing to be her first true loves. Being military-affiliated her entire life, she has grown up appreciating the connection between culture and food and looks most forward to tasting the local faire of the new places she lives and travels. She began submitting small articles to kids' magazines as a child and never stopped, going on to become published in everything from blogs to academic journals. Ellie recently finished her first novel and, in between fashioning articles as a freelancer, is currently working on her second. Using her writing abilities while simultaneously tapping into her love for food through Mashed is a dream come true.


Ellie has a bachelor's degree in child and family development, and her favorite course in college centered around going into the homes of families living in poverty and educating them about healthy eating. She began her outside of writing career in special education, and her years working with multicultural, neurodivergent students with a wide array of cultural preferences and textural needs as it related to eating broadened her horizons regarding diversity in food.
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