Fear Not, Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving Feast Is Still (Sort Of) On

Martha Stewart was done with Thanksgiving ... or so we thought. The beloved chef and domestic maven told Kelly Clarkson that she "gave up Thanksgiving," because nine of her guests canceled. However, she clarified in a Tuesday Instagram post that she hasn't completely scrapped the festivities. "It's not true that I gave up Thanksgiving!" her post reads. "What I canceled was the planned gathering at my house."

It simply would not be a true holiday without Stewart bustling around the kitchen. She may have taken Thursday's celebration off of her calendar, but that doesn't mean she's done cooking. Instead of feeding her own guests, she'll contribute to a friend's feast with a roasted 20-pound turkey. She also has 30 pies to make for her staff, which will include pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie, lemon tarts, and cranberry tarts. 

Last year, Stewart posted photos of her tablescape and various dishes on her blog. This year's event has a much different vibe from the lavish and indulgent feast that she's known for. In addition to her bake-a-thon, Stewart will commemorate the day with some good old-fashioned manual labor. Stewart will step out of the kitchen and into her garden, where she plans to plant 75 peonies and relocate hundreds of others. The fun will also include prepping her flower beds for winter.

Stewarts' fans are relieved that the celebration is still on

Martha Stewarts' fans collectively breathed a sigh of relief when the celebrity chef announced that her Thanksgiving celebration is not off but has just taken a slightly different shape this year. She is usually all about setting a traditional table for Thanksgiving. Last year, she favored traditional stuffing for her feast, and she made her own cranberry sauce. She also typically dresses her table with decor to complement the roasted turkey and various pies. When fans thought she had canceled the event altogether, there was understandably some panic, so it's no wonder Stewart took to Instagram to set the record straight.

Stewart used her post to invite fans to send in photos of their Thanksgiving tables to ultimately be compiled in a blog post. While some people were incredulous that guests would bail on the legendary Thanksgiving host, many folks in the comments section simply gave thanks that Stewart hasn't given up on the holiday. "Thanks for the update, Martha, I was concerned," wrote one earnest follower. Another thought Stewart's festive plans seemed rather enjoyable, writing, "Working in the garden sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving to me."