Mushrooms And Polenta Is A Match Made In Culinary Heaven

Some food pairings are just lifelong classics. Think peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, and bacon and eggs. While these may be the most obvious, there are several other pairings that delight the tastebuds. One such pairing is mushrooms and polenta. Mushrooms polenta is a delicious vegetarian comfort dish that is creamy, rich, and hearty. It's perfect alone on a cold night or as a side dish for your holiday feast. The trick is to pick the right kind of mushrooms for optimal flavor and texture, as well as making a creamy polenta.

Polenta can be eaten in several different ways, including fried and baked, but the most traditional way is to cook it down until it resembles porridge. It is often used as a base for toppings like roasted vegetables or stewed meat or seafood. Mushrooms are inherently savory and meaty, so they can uplift the polenta. Mushrooms and polenta have an elevated taste but are made with simple ingredients that can be found year-round.

It originated as a peasant dish

Polenta with mushrooms originated in Northern Italy as a comforting dish that was hearty enough to warm bellies without costing a lot of money. Our buttery mushroom polenta recipe requires only a few ingredients and can be made in under 30 minutes for a simple, yet elegant weeknight meal. While any mushroom can be used, cremini mushrooms have a particularly meaty texture and mild flavor. Mushrooms pair especially well with soy sauce, which adds an umami flavor to make the meal even more craveable.

The mushrooms are simply sauteed in a pan with oil, soy sauce, thyme, and seasonings. Mushrooms cook quickly, in less than 10 minutes. Polenta takes a little more care to prepare, as it needs to be whisked, especially when cheese and butter are added. Polenta and mushroom are naturally vegetarian, but substituting vegan butter and cheese could easily turn this into a vegan dish. Feel free to saute up your favorite protein to add to the mushrooms. If you have leftovers, polenta reheats easily in the microwave or stove and is great topped with a fried egg.