Cheetos Are The Texture Upgrade Your Brussels Sprouts Need

Anyone who's cooked or eaten Brussels sprouts knows that, without the proper cooking techniques and the right accompaniments, they can be mushy and not-so-delicious. Luckily, methods for cooking your Brussels sprouts to perfection abound, thanks to the vegetable's growing popularity. This has prompted many home cooks to learn the secrets to a better sprout. However, if you're still looking for ways to level up your Brussels sprouts beyond adding the basic and often-relied-upon chopped bacon, there's a new idea making the rounds that you can try: Just add Cheetos.

While you might not think to pair your favorite snack with your favorite vegetable, this combination works surprisingly well. Cheetos, when crumbled and added to your sprouts, provide the ideal crunchy texture, and their cheesy flavor complements the sprouts wonderfully. This should hardly be surprising, given the number of recipes that encourage you to cover your Brussels sprouts in cheese or bake them in a cheese-based sauce, like a gratin.

How to add Cheetos to your Brussels sprouts

So, just how can you achieve perfectly crunchy, crispy, cheesy Brussels sprouts using the magic of Cheetos? The process starts when you choose your Cheetos flavor. While classic Cheetos will undoubtedly make delicious Brussels sprouts, you can add even more flavor when you start trying more unexpected options, like White Cheddar, Flamin' Hot, Chili Cheese, or Cheddar Jalapeño.

Once you've picked your favorite flavor, mash the Cheetos until you achieve a crumb-like texture and choose your cooking method. You might want to sauté or roast your seasoned Brussels sprouts separately, then roll the cooked sprouts in the crumbled Cheetos just before serving. You might also want to try parboiling the sprouts and rolling them in the Cheetos before baking them for a few minutes, ensuring everything crisps up nicely. Consider adding other ingredients into your crumbled Cheetos, as well, such as spices, herbs, or Parmesan cheese. No Cheetos on hand? This hack will work just as well with practically any crispy, crunchy, flavored chip, like Fritos, Doritos, or Takis.