Bud Light Is Sending 25 Fans To Super Bowl 2024 — Here's How To Score Tickets

Getting Super Bowl tickets is notoriously difficult. Traditionally, the NFL allocates a certain number of tickets for each team to distribute to its season pass holders, and the two teams facing off in the Super Bowl are allocated a much higher percentage of these tickets. The catch is that these tickets' recipients are selected at random. If chosen, fans get the opportunity to buy the tickets at face value, which in recent years has been close to $1,000.

NFL sponsor Bud Light has teamed up with some Hall of Fame players to give fans a chance to attend the game, whether or not they're season pass holders. According to info shared with Mashed, fans aged 21 and up can enter Bud Light's biggest Super Bowl ticket giveaway via a simple sign-up on the company's website, no purchase necessary. Although there are only 25 winners, fans can boost their chances by posting about the giveaway on social media and inviting more friends to enter. Actions such as these accumulate more "entries" for participating fans, and they can check back in each week for opportunities to keep these points coming. The giveaway entry period runs from December 1 to February 11.

Football legends team up with Bud Light in a new commercial

Bud Light is collaborating with Hall of Famers Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith in its new commercial that preps fans for playoffs and the big game. The ad shows Manning walking into a crowded bar. After buying the crowd a round of drinks, he starts throwing cans of Bud Light into the open hands of fans. Emmitt Smith makes an appearance to call the final catch a touchdown. It's just what you might expect from a football-based beer commercial, and its timing just so happens to match up with Bud Light's ticket giveaway.

This commercial is a continuation of Bud Light's "Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy" campaign that was introduced in commercials for Super Bowl LVII. Actor Miles Teller starred in Bud Light's Super Bowl LVII ad, which kicked off the campaign. According to a Veylinx study reported by P.R. Newswire, Super Bowl ads such as these do succeed in increasing consumer demand. Regardless, beer gets an overall boost in sales around Super Bowl season, and a YouGov survey determined Bud Light was the most popular Super Bowl beer as recently as 2020.