Steakhouse Chains With The Absolute Best Mashed Potatoes, According To Customers

If you're craving steak and potatoes, you want the potatoes to be as luxurious as the steak, especially if they're of the mashed persuasion. And if you're paying steakhouse prices for the two, there's no wiggle room when it comes to quality. Mashed potatoes should be an equal partner to a filet, ribeye, or whatever cut you prefer. While it may seem like there's only one way to make mashed potatoes, diehard spud lovers know this dish can be prepared with finesse in both flavor and consistency, characteristics that can take this humble root into the realm of sublime dining. Yes, mashed potatoes can do all that.

Some steakhouses understand just what it takes to pull off magnificent mashed potatoes. Using reviews offered by satisfied customers as our guidepost, we scouted out the steakhouses serving up the best mashed potatoes. Though unadorned mash of the proper texture can be a delight on its own, we found many versions that include additional elements to reveal how versatile and elegant mashed potatoes can be. Our list peels back the skin to explore the finest examples of steakhouse mashed potatoes on the market and how customers feel about them. Behold as this unassuming side dish steps into the spotlight!

Fogo de Chão

When it comes to making mashed potatoes that match its high-quality meats, Fogo de Chão doesn't mess around. The Brazilian steakhouse sets its garlic mashed potatoes out on the table with house bread, a fluffy gift for you to snack on before you order. Customers also report receiving this savory selection along with plantains and polenta, which begs the question: How much food does the waitstaff expect you to eat ahead of your main? These items are also included in unlimited quantities when guests order the Market Table, the restaurant's all-you-can-eat buffet. It's a lot of starch for a steak joint, but it seems to make customers happy ... though that could be a result of the carb overload.

How fantastic are these blitzed freebies? Fantastic enough to inspire a copycat recipe from TikToker NormalzBChefn, whose clip includes garlic butter potatoes de Chão as part of a budget-friendly at-home meal replication. D.C. Outlook's review calls these potatoes a supreme restaurant side dish, using the word "luscious" as an apt descriptor. It may seem like a restaurant that makes its money with prime cuts but entices diners with premium table food is pulling a fast one, but when that restaurant is Fogo de Chão, the garlic mash is more than a secondary consideration. It's part of the main event.

Morton's The Steakhouse

Maybe Morton's The Steakhouse knows something about mashed potatoes that the rest of the restaurant set hasn't cottoned onto yet. It's not complicated calculus; whipped potatoes plus generous quantities of sour cream equal one delicious dish. Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes a la Morton's puts indulgence at the end of your fork, with a formula that copycat recipes have decrypted to include generous amounts of sour cream, heavy cream, and butter. This creation is nothing like the mindful mashed cauliflower replacement Morton's tried a few years ago. This one is pure, silken decadence.

These pleasing potatoes are potent enough to become the hero of a diner's entire Morton's experience. Take Yelp reviewer Creshenda M., for instance. Her group had an extended wait for their less-than-satisfying order. "The sour cream and mashed potatoes were the only thing that saved the bland steak," she explained. It's a rare occasion when the side dish outdoes the main course, and worth taking note of when it happens. Many four- and five-star write-ups on Open Table also heap praise on Morton's mash, proving that exceptional sides can earn their place at the table.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

If you're fortunate enough to saunter into Firebirds Wood Fired Grill for a ribeye and sides, you'll see how proficiently this eatery ups the steakhouse spud situation with its Parmesan Mashed Potatoes. Maybe the chefs here know to heat the dairy products together for maximum flavor before adding them to the potatoes, or maybe they use premium parmesan for extra punch. Whatever the secret is, this creamy, cheesy selection is a delight when chosen as a partner for just about anything on the menu. Exceptional sidekicks are accommodating that way.

Open Table users have been charmed by the cheesy goodness of Firebirds' marvelous mashed potatoes, and a noteworthy Trip Advisor review entitled "Mashed potato heaven!" speaks volumes about the quality of these tasty taters. Home chefs hoping to recreate the Firebirds potato magic can test out a similar recipe offered by Food Network, which doesn't name names, but does come back as a direct result of a Google search for "Firebirds Mashed Potatoes." If you're dining at your local Firebirds location and can't resist adding an order to your bill, a family-sized portion will run you about $15, as of December 2023, a veritable bargain for an upscale twist on Idaho's most abundant crop.

Serra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

You won't have to ask for garlic mashed potatoes when you head into Serra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse; these potatoes come to your table unsummoned! Mashed potatoes are one of only three sides listed on the menu, and serving them on repeat is standard and a feature few diners will be mad about. The blank canvas offered by unflavored potatoes provides a perfect opportunity to introduce the aromatic appeal of garlic and get mouths watering. Serra Gaucha is named for a mountain range in Brazil, which is pretty much your invitation to enjoy mounds of mashed potatoes as a tribute to the landscape. It's also known as a wine-growing region, but whether you pair your potatoes with wine is entirely up to you.

The fun surprise of finding garlic mashed potatoes on your table at Serra Gaucha is a delight for customers unfamiliar with Brazilian Steakhouse culture. Yelp reviewer Nancy G. explains, "The biscuits, garlic mashed potatoes, and bananas were a big hit, especially with the newbies in our group!" Food blog The Forking Truth found this table food enchanting enough to qualify for a photo and a mention in its write-up.

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

If you order the mashed potatoes on a visit to Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, be prepared to finish them all or take leftovers home. It's a simple presentation with a sprinkle of herbs, some Kosher salt, and fresh butter, and with a price tag of $15 as of December 2023, it is among the cheapest sides on the menu. For seafood lovers who take their mash with a side of something from the ocean, Fleming's will top its potatoes with North Atlantic Lobster for a fuller meal. 

Texture counts double in Fleming's interpretation of steakhouse potatoes. Esther A. describes Fleming's mashed potatoes as "very very creamy" in her Yelp review. They're also photo-worthy for Instagram users, while Reddit users throw caution to the wind when ordering this satiny side as an anniversary treat. It's not that you have to be celebrating a special occasion to order Fleming's mashed potatoes; it's that ordering them is an occasion worth celebrating in and of itself.

Outback Steakhouse

Homestyle mashed potatoes at Outback Steakhouse buck the upscale trend of other establishments, keeping the experience simple, familiar, and thoroughly delicious. Our team ranked this flavorful mash as one of Outback's top side dishes; only two other selections came in higher: baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. The mashed potatoes have inspired home gourmets to create their own recipes, proving this chain seems to know what it's doing when it comes to dressing up tubers for the table!

What makes the difference for Outback's specific spuds? Several years ago, former Outback employee and Reddit user pauly13771377 posted a description of how the restaurant prepares its phenomenal recipe. As with some of the most delicious things in life, butter is a key ingredient, as is half-and-half. "And 80/10/10 seasoning which was 80% salt, 10% black pepper, 10% garlic powder," the user explained, which sounds like a savory balance that spices up the pot without overpowering the simplicity of the main ingredient.

LongHorn Steakhouse

There's an undeniable list of items you should never order at LongHorn Steakhouse, but thankfully, the restaurant's mashed potatoes aren't included. Though replica recipes call for hearty amounts of heavy cream, sour cream, and butter to achieve the quintessential taste and texture, some variations recommend replacing regular dairy with plant-based substitutes for a version vegans can love. Unfortunately, you won't find this take at LongHorn. What you will find is the glorious indulgence of mashed potatoes with all the ingredients that make the dish richer than Bezos, Musk, and Zuckerberg combined.

In 2022, Business Insider noted the resurgence of LongHorn and reviewed the mashed potatoes with glowing praise. But customer love for these smooth potatoes is nothing new. In a 2015 post, X user @eadley3 declared, "I just woke myself up from a dream about longhorn mashed potatoes because I was saying 'mmmmm' outloud." A 2023 post from X user @Wuggaaaaa_ said simply, "I deserve a steak cooked medium well with a side of mashed potatoes from longhorn." Wow — when steakhouse mashed potatoes are good enough to dream about or consider as a personal reward, you know you're onto something special.

Shula's Steak House

"What exactly is Pomme Purée?" you ask. Why, it's the glitziest name for mashed potatoes you're likely to hear during a steakhouse visit. Order this sleek side dish at Shula's Steak House and you'll receive a plate of perfectly blitzed potatoes. This steakhouse stalwart is clued into the fact that roasted garlic and butter are all it takes to turn plain produce into potatoes so posh, they warrant a new name with French flair. The restaurant itself calls out the inclusion of heavy cream on its site, showing it knows exactly how to please its clientele.

With a location at Walt Disney World, Shula's serves Mickey's biggest fans some of the best mashed potatoes in or out of the park. The richness was lauded by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW, a resource for helping Walt Disney World visitors with dining restrictions find great fare around the park. The site notes the dairy content but urges gluten-free eaters who can tolerate dairy to order a serving of Pomme Purée. Touring Plans notes that yes, there are some heavy ingredients in the dish, but the enjoyment is what counts most here.

Texas Roadhouse

There's nothing fancy about the mashed potatoes at Texas Roadhouse, which may be why they're so popular. Not every visit to a steakhouse has to be a luxury experience; sometimes, it's just a comfort meal where the prices are reasonable and the mashed potatoes aren't on the list of things to avoid. Online recreations show basic ingredients and a simple process, which may go to show the steakhouse industry that ordinary potatoes can be just as lovable as their frouffed-up counterparts, whether they're topped with gravy or left plain. There's truly a mash for every taste.

Even straightforward steakhouse mashed potatoes get their share of adoration from the public. TikTokers have pointed out that warming up takeout orders of the loaded mashed potatoes can make them even better. And when Yelp reviewers call your mashed potatoes "heavenly" as Yael M. did, you might want to take advantage of the social clout. Then again, when you have heavenly mashed potatoes on your menu, you're probably doing all the right things as it is. 

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

As the name suggests, the Château Mashed Potatoes at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse are an elegant affair. You'll find them located directly in the center of the side selections menu, though they're anything but low-key. According to the restaurant's Washington D.C. Facebook page, you can even order a version called Uptown Del's Potatoes, an opulent upgrade topped with Fontina cheese, chives, and truffles. These extras are boujee enough to make ordinary mashed potatoes question their place on the food pyramid.

Mashed potatoes with such a fancy name are destined to earn a reputation among discerning diners. As Yelp reviewer T L. puts it, "OMG these potatoes were cooked perfectly and flavorful." Recipes trying to capture the château mystique call for heavy cream, cayenne pepper, and skin-on potatoes. But enjoying real Château Mashed Potatoes calls for a visit to Del Frisco's Double Eagle; as is true with buying real estate, dining on luxury mashed potatoes is all about location, location, location.

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille has a capital recipe for crowd-pleasing accompaniments with Sam's Mashed Potatoes, a creation that makes for a pretty picture on Twitter as well as a lovely dish on your table. The description on the menu lists red potatoes (a first on our list) flavored with butter and sweet cream, which sounds both minimalist and amazing. No wonder Yelp user Kayla C. praises the flavor and creaminess of this dish in her review. It doesn't take much to please mashed potato fans.

Beyond selling a masterful mash at its restaurants, this generous steakhouse offers holiday pro tips for home cooks hoping to perfect a superior mashed potato for their feast. Consistency depends on dryness, which can be achieved by heating the potatoes for a few minutes in the pot they cooked in after draining them. Any liquid in the recipe should be heated first as well. This sounds like sage advice for turning out homemade mashed potatoes as delicious as Sam's. Now, if we could just find out who this Sam is ...

How we chose our steakhouse mashed potatoes

To compile our listing, we scouted out the steakhouse chains around the U.S. that had potatoes on the menu, then filtered out only those serving mashed potatoes in some form. Then, we searched for customer reactions on social media and review sites to find out which potatoes diners preferred most.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

It isn't celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck slinging silky mashed potatoes at Wolfgang's Steakhouse, although the well-known personality does put his own spin on mashed potatoes, because why wouldn't he? He is Wolfgang Puck, after all. No ... when you dine at Wolfgang's Steakhouse, you're in the house of Wolfgang Zwiener, the global restauranteur who used to serve as the head waiter at Peter Luger Steakhouse. This Wolfgang also serves spectacular mashed potatoes, according to customers who are delighted to put in their orders for this smooth side time and again.

And just how silky smooth are the mashed potatoes at Wolfgang's? Food blogger What's Stew In reviewed his meal at the location in Seoul, South Korea, and called out the texture as being "extra velvety smooth to the point you could almost consume it with a straw." On Yummy Advisor, reviewer Yoolim Na lauded the lighter texture of the mashed potatoes at the Manila location, comparing it to mousse. This smoother-than-smooth side even rated its own close-up photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, as part of the steakhouse's social media stirrings. That's how it is when people love you for how you make them feel, and these mashed potatoes make delighted diners feel some things.

The Keg Steakhouse

The garlic mashed potatoes at The Keg aren't actually served in a keg, though they're delicious enough to wish for a possibility like that. Even though the menu lists them as singular "garlic mashed potato," you really do get an entire order. Whew! This skin-included red potato mash gets a healthy dose of flavor thanks to the inclusion of garlic in the mix, while the skins are a tasty textural surprise hidden among the satiny smoothness of the starch. The end result is a potato that sets itself apart from versions of mashed potatoes found at other steakhouse chains.

This mashed potato selection is also competing against its own menu mates. Of the six items on the Accompaniment menu, four are potato-based, which makes it necessary for this dish to assert itself. Customers seem to think it does a splendid job. Yelp reviewer Haley D. professes her devotion to this zesty accompaniment, saying, "The garlic mashed potatoes will keep me coming back to this place. They had so much flavor!" Fellow Yelper Liana M., who wasn't thrilled with the texture of her steak, was still dazzled by the mashed potatoes she'd chosen. In a Reddit thread, commenter Jaydog0910 says while discussing a potential home version of the recipe, "These are literally the only mashed potatoes I even like and I can't get enough of them." Serving them in a keg doesn't sound like such a wild idea now, does it?