Williams Sonoma's Bridgerton Collection Lets You Party Like Nobility

Fans of "Bridgerton" have a reason to bring out their finest tea sets and host a party worthy of royalty this holiday season. This popular Netflix show set in the 1800s is well-known for its anachronistic elements that appeal to modern audiences. The first two seasons of "Bridgerton" are both in the top 10 of Netflix's most popular shows based on viewers and hours watched, so it's no surprise that seasons 3 and 4 are currently in the pipeline. Season 3 was recently given a premiere date in May 2024, but while you wait, kitchenware and furniture company Williams Sonoma has announced a collaboration with "Bridgerton" that will help you party like nobility.

Bridgerton-inspired teas from The Republic of Tea already delighted fans ahead of Season 2's release, and this range of new offerings from Williams Sonoma should help complete the whole tea time spread. The collection features beverages like tonic and lemonade, baking mixes for tea time essentials, and plenty of sweet treats. An array of delicately designed napkins and tablecloths complete the collection. Williams Sonoma has released other collections with popular television series and films, like "Harry Potter", many of which are still available for purchase as well. Like the Harry Potter collection, the "Bridgerton" collection is a Williams Sonoma exclusive, and some of the products are only available in limited quantities.

The Bridgerton collection is fit for any party

The Williams Sonoma Bridgerton collection looks like it came straight from the "Bridgerton" set and caters to both tea parties and glamorous evening soirées alike. As any proper tea time should, the collection has an assortment of scones. There is a Strawberry Scone Mix for those who want to bake them fresh, and a set of 10 Mini Scones with five different flavors including Earl Grey and blackberry-lavender. If you're looking for richer desserts, there's an array of indulgent chocolates and truffles. The Assorted Chocolate Truffles on Chocolate Tray will set you back $64.95, but these hand-painted truffles are made with Italian chocolate and come with a beautiful golden tray made of chocolate itself.

It's not a party without some fun beverages, and this collection offers options like the Blood Orange Blossom Fizz, a lightly sweetened sparkly beverage that combines citrusy and floral flavors. Williams Sonoma recommends using this beverage to make cocktails or added to sparkling water for a nonalcoholic beverage. If you're hosting afternoon tea, the Bridgerton collection includes Lavender Honey, which adds a unique aroma and sweetness when stirred into teas or drizzled over scones.

The store's "Bridgerton" collection drops at a similar time to International Delight's Bridgerton Coffee Creamer flavors. Between these coffee creamers and the Williams Sonoma collection, fans of "Bridgerton" can bring nobility to every coffee, tea, or cocktail-drinking occasion.