Costco Fans Are Running To Grab These Biscoff Cookies

Ever since Delta started serving Lotus Biscoff cookies on flights in the 1980s (via the Delta Flight Museum), a flight without the crunchy cookie bursting with warm spices may feel incomplete for passengers. Instead of judging the quality of a flight based on turbulence, they might remember it as good or bad based on whether they got to eat cookies. In fact, when United Airlines announced that it was replacing the speculoos flavored cookie with Oreos, Eater contributor Lesley Suter wrote a strongly worded article about how the airline just lost a customer. "In case United's second-to-last rating among domestic airlines wasn't reason enough to fly with someone else, this move has sealed the deal for me," said Suter

Not only can Biscoff cookies make or break a flight, but you can also thank the brand for popularizing cookie butter. A Belgian woman entered cookie butter in a cooking competition sometime around 2007, per The New York Times, and the rest is history. The fact that cookie butter is so widely loved proves that people think Biscoff cookies are tasty on the ground or 30,000 feet in the air. Costco knows the chokehold that these cookies apparently have on people, so it is now selling Biscoff cookie sandwiches in bulk (via Instagram).

Biscoff cream sandwich cookies have Costco fans excited

Lotus Biscoff cookies are so universally associated with flying that the creator behind @costcohotfinds called them "Airplane Cookies" in a recent Instagram post. The Costco fan was overjoyed to find a box that includes six 5.29-ounce sleeves of Biscoff cream sandwich cookies for $9.49. (Note that Costco prices differ across locations.) This isn't the first time Biscoff has hit the Costco shelves either. The store had Biscoff cookie and cookie butter ice cream bars in the frozen aisle last year. The creator added that the price was 40% lower than what one would find at other stores. Walmart charges $2.30 for a single sleeve of the cookies.

"Let me grab my purse and head on to my Costco's, right now," commented one Instagrammer. "MY FRIEN[D] JUST GIFTED ME A COSTCO MEMBERSHIP FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM ABOUT TO [LOSE] MY MIND," commented another Costco fan. Other commenters were equally excited and even offered a few Biscoff pro tips. "Sometimes they go on sale too pro tip – crumble them on vanilla ice cream or use them as your crust for cheesecake," said one Instagram user. Another user suggested using them in a key lime pie crust.