Costco's Almond Florentine Cookies Are Satisfying Shoppers' Sweet Cravings

In a sweet move, big box retailer Costco has introduced a brand-new bakery item to its 2023 lineup. The distinctively thin, crispy almond Florentine cookies have been garnering plenty of praise from customers for their irresistible taste and value. Crafted with such ingredients as almonds, butter, heavy whipping cream, brown sugar, and honey, the latest batch of Costco cookies showcases a variety of pleasing flavors. The crowning touch, of course, is a decadent dark chocolate drizzle.

This revelation joins an array of recent offerings from Costco's bakery. From its classic chocolate chip cookies (which are allegedly making their way to the food court menu) to innovative creations such as its multilayered Belgian mousse, the warehouse giant continues to expand its dessert selection to meet the cravings of its members.

Costco, known for its affordable items, has once again hit the mark with the introduction of almond Florentine cookies. The affordability of the 16-cookie set, which costs $8.99 (less than $1.80 per cookie, though prices may vary across locations), could make it an appealing choice for those seeking an indulgence without breaking the bank.

Many customers are praising Costco's Florentine cookies

Numerous Costco customers have raved about the Florentine cookies on social media. Perhaps their brittle texture and honey-forward profile, coupled with the dark chocolate garnish made these Florentine cookies a current standout in the Costco bakery. Influencer @costcohotfinds, who boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram, shared a reel of the new goodies on December 22, in which she described the cookies as "hard to stop eating." So far, the video's comments are filled with testimonials across the board.

One follower wrote, "You cannot stop at one. They are so good!!" Another chimed in, "Had them recently. Yummy." However, as with pretty much any food that hits market shelves, Costco's Florentines aren't particularly loved by everyone. Someone declared, "Those cookies are too greasy," while another simply stated that they were "gross." To each their own.

Florentine cookies date back to the 17th century but have mysterious origins. Whether they were first baked in Tuscany, France, or Austria, the wispy biscuits have gained popularity for their unique recipe of crunchy nuts, cloying honey, candied fruits, and oftentimes, a layer of chocolate along the bottom half. Over the centuries, Florentine cookies have become a cherished delicacy worldwide, admired for their elegance and simplicity.