Are Costco's Chocolate Chip Cookies Coming To The Food Court? Reddit Says 'Yes'

Any Costco shopper knows that the real joy of spending time at the big-box retailer comes from the food court. The current menu consists of fan favorites like Costco's $1.50 hot dog combo, a slice of pizza, and the chicken bake — and while savory foods might fill you up for lunch or dinner, no meal is complete without dessert. Costco's sweet offerings include an ice cream sundae and a churro that just might be discontinued. According to a Reddit post from December 18, Costco will be adding massive, double-chunk chocolate chip cookies to its food court menu in 2024.

The new cookies don't have a precise release date, but employees on Reddit claim the company found a manufacturer to produce the cookies, which should hit food court menus in early 2024. Rumors persist that, along with cookies, chocolate ice cream will be joining Costco's lineup before the hot summer months. While there's no official confirmation on the price, the initial Reddit thread shared that the cookies will be sold for $2.49 each. Considering the famously low cost of the food court's hot dog combo, fans had some questions about the cookie's potential price.

People are questioning the cookies' hefty price tag

Many shoppers shared their excitement for the newest dessert offering, with one user writing, "As long as they're soft, which they look like they will be, I'll get one on my way out every time." While some people are hoping for a soft, gooey cookie and others prefer a crispy cookie, it's the cookie's hefty price tag that has everyone talking. One person wrote, "$2.49 for a cookie? Feels like Whole Foods."

Even with the potentially high price, shoppers are excited to try the treat at least once. Although the chocolate ice cream addition is also unconfirmed, this didn't stop people from talking about a chocolate chunk and chocolate ice cream mashup. Cookie aficionados know that a warm cookie is superior, and the original Reddit poster confirmed that this is how the new food court cookies will be served. They shared that each new cookie tray will be reheated in the pizza oven for two minutes prior to serving. Costco shoppers will need to keep their eyes open in 2024 to see if and when their cookie food court dreams become a reality.