Minute Maid's Latest Spiked Drinks Put A Boozy Spin On A Nostalgic Juice

Many people can probably recall sipping on Minute Maid lemonade as kids, but now the juice brand has started making something strictly for grown-ups. As more and more spiked seltzer brands take over liquor store shelves — and some surprising brands, like Dunkin' Spiked Iced Teas, have started getting into the boozy beverage game — Minute Maid's new wine cocktails are the latest drink to make a spiked splash.

According to reports from Brewbound and Just Drinks, Minute Maid Spiked is heading to liquor stores with the apparent aim of making consumers' cocktail mixing a whole lot easier. Plenty of folks may have poured some Minute Maid orange juice into a homemade mimosa before, but this is the brand's first drink with booze included. The company refers to Minute Maid Spiked as a "flavored wine cocktail," and it's similar to wine in its 13.9% ABV. It's also sold in 1.5-liter bottles, making it ideal for entertaining and serving up wine-based cocktails without the hassle of mixing ingredients.

Minute Maid Spiked is the brand's first boozy offering

Minute Maid is known for its juice, but as for Minute Maid Spiked, the beverage brand's flavors are modeled after popular picks for boozy summertime drinks. Minute Maid Spiked comes in three flavors: Lime Margarita, Piña Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri. While all of these are wine-based rather than containing the typical hard alcohols that would be mixed into these particular cocktails, the goal of these sweet and boozy beverages is to eliminate any messiness and guesswork when whipping up your favorite cocktails. This will ideally make them just a bit easier to sip on and give consumers a lower alcohol content with fewer ingredients.

Minute Maid Spiked will be available starting in spring 2024 — just in time for spiked beverage fans to serve these drinks on the rocks all summer long. While the large, bottled versions will be the first to hit shelves, a single-serve alternative is reportedly also in the works.