Stuff Skirt Steak With Cheese For A Decadent Bite Every Time

Skirt steak, a thin and flavorful cut of beef, isn't known for being the most tender option out there. However, it can certainly handle plenty of seasoning and marinades, which help tenderize and flavor the meat. One of the more decadent and unique ways to cook up a skirt steak is by stuffing it with cheese and throwing it on the grill for a quick cook. Since this cut is already so thin, it benefits by acting as an outer shell for the yummy goodness inside.

Not only does stuffed skirt steak taste delicious, but it also looks quite impressive when served. To stuff the skirt steak, you'll first need to butterfly the meat, meaning you have to cut it in half to make two sides, sort of like a sandwich bun made of meat. You can take your trusty meat tenderizer to evenly flatten the steaks before seasoning them and adding shredded cheese. The skirt steak is then closed and "sealed" with the meat mallet before taking a chill in the fridge. When the steak is grilled at a high heat, the meat cooks and the cheese on the inside melts into a gooey, tasty bite.

Choose your steak wisely

@cooking_with_fire___ showcased his stuffed skirt steak on Instagram, which appeared to be oozing with cheese and topped with a chimichurri-like sauce. Several people commented, sharing their admiration for the delicious and juicy-looking steak. One person wrote, "Wow, the layers of flavors. That has to be a great-tasting experience." To ensure the meat is just as texturally wonderful, skirt steak has to be sliced and cooked correctly. Skirt steak should be cooked over high heat, which is why a hot grill works great.

Ideally, this cut is cooked to medium rare and sliced against the grain. Cutting against the grain helps cut through the tough fibers, ensuring a tender bite. When you head to the store to look for skirt steak, you'll find the options for inside or outside skirt steak. Inside skirt steak is typically less expensive, but more chewy. Outside skirt steak is more tender and slightly thicker, making it a more prized cut. You may go to the store or butcher and accidentally pick up a flank steak, thinking it's skirt. In the battle of skirt steak vs flank steak, flank can be more tender, but both remain popular cuts for stuffing with cheese.