Snow Cone Coffee Is A Thing, And It Looks Delicious

The types of coffee out there are seemingly limitless. The beauty of the beverage lies in its versatility: You can have it iced or hot and try all kinds of different extraction methods like espresso, cold brew, and pourover. But coffee, like all food and drink, isn't bound by rules. A shot of espresso is like a small jar of paint not yet made into art. It's just waiting to be splashed into a mug, stirred into any milk, and blended with any number of flavors.

If you visit Instagram creator coffeebae97's page, you'll see the potential coffee has. In one particular video, the creator demonstrates that — with a shaved ice machine — you can easily make a snow cone coffee drink that's equal parts icy, milky, and coffee-y. This shimmering beverage has the potential to be a caffeinated hit during the warm summer months, but you can also use it to fight fire with fire — or rather, ice with ice — during the chilly months of winter. For coffee lovers, snow cone coffee is an easy win on any ranking of the best snow cone flavors. All you need to make it is crushed ice, espresso, and any milk or flavorings you desire.

Snow cone coffee is a drink-dessert hybrid

You can treat a coffee snow cone like a drink or dessert, depending on how you prepare it. Espresso, whether from a machine or instant espresso powder, works best to make this treat. Like snow cone syrups, espresso is concentrated and full of flavor. It's also not nearly as watery as cold brew or drip, so the snow cone itself will maintain a more robust structure and flavor. Simply pour a shot of espresso over some shaved ice to make a treat reminiscent of an iced americano.

Adding different flavorings and types of milk is also a great way to give snow cone coffee a dessert-like dimension. For instance, a drizzle of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon can bring warmth to the cold treat, whereas caramel or chocolate sauce will give the snow cone a frappé feel. You can even turn your snow cone into a dirty matcha by adding equal parts espresso and matcha powder.

For those who don't have a shaved ice machine at home, there are other ways to accomplish this drink. The easiest is to use a blender, but smashing ice cubes inside a plastic bag with something heavy can also do the trick. With shaved, blended, or smashed ice in hand, snow cone coffee comes together naturally.