Nearly 60% Of All People Prefer This Type Of Milk

When it comes to the milk aisle, these days there are tons of options and dairy-free alternatives to the real thing. There are several different fat percentages of regular cow's milk and even buttermilk. Then there's the dairy alternative milk section which includes options like almond, cashew, and oat milk — among others. But out of all the many milk options, consumers have to choose from, there's one clear winner that reigns supreme.

Mashed took a survey of 37,000 people worldwide, and the participants overwhelmingly preferred one type of milk, with the top pick getting nearly 60 percent of the vote. It was 21,460 people, or 58 percent, who voted for whole milk as their favorite. The other options included skim milk, almond milk, and "other," should voters want to write in an answer. Clearly, whole milk is very popular, but the other options were surprisingly close. At the opposite end of the milk spectrum, there were the fewest votes out of all four categories.

This is the type of milk people would rather skip

Skim milk only received 11 percent of the vote from 4,070 people. That put milk's fat-free but still highly nutritious cousin in last place among the milk options (via Milk Life). Almond milk, the only named milk alternative, came in second place with 5,920 people voting for it, which was 16 percent of the vote. That leaves none other than the "other" category in third place with 15 percent. That means 5,550 people wrote in with the kind of milk they like best.

A couple of people answered the poll with a quote from Ron Swanson from the show Parks and Recreation. In the show, Nick Offerman's character said, "Skim milk is just water lying about being milk," and apparently that's how a few respondents feel about it too. Some said they liked two percent milk better. Another person commented that they voted for whole milk but that "chocolate milk's a close second." 

Another comment read, "Any nut and seed milk. Almond, cashew, hazelnut, brazil nut, hemp seed, macadamia etc." Per Veg News, these non-dairy enthusiasts aren't alone, with nearly 50 percent of Americans planning to work plant-based milk into their diets. Clearly, there are plenty of options to meet the wide-ranging preferences of customers.