Ham And Cheese Sliders Aren't Complete Without A Pickle Brine

The term "sliders" was originally used to refer to hamburgers alone. One origin story indicates that the "sliding" was due to the fact that the burgers were exceptionally greasy and small. In addition, it seemed that the lubrication would allow them to slip right down the eater's gullet. These days, the term "slider" is loosely applied to any kind of small sandwich, hence this ham and cheese slider recipe from developer Susan Olayinka.

While you might think that making ham and cheese sliders is as simple as slapping some ham and cheese (cut down to size) on a mini bun, Olayinka includes an extra step that involves pickle brine. No, you're not soaking the sandwiches themselves in a brine bath since that would make them mushy. Instead, you're simply stirring a small amount of the liquid into the mustard used to flavor the sandwiches as well as adding a few pickle slices to the top.

You can change up this slider recipe in any number of ways

The best part of this basic sandwich recipe is that you don't need to follow it exactly, but can use it as a kind of template to create your own sliders. Even Olayinka admits that these sliders are very customizable, telling us, "You can use any type of cheese or ham that you like and they will still taste great." Piggybacking on that idea, we'd venture to say that you can stray so far off the path as to use sliced chicken, turkey, or roast beef in place of the ham if you prefer. Olayinka also suggests adding additional toppings such as mushrooms and onions.

Even the pickle brine, too, is subject to change. If you're not a pickle fan, you could swap out this ingredient for sliced pickled jalapeƱos and use jalapeƱo juice in place of the pickle brine. You could also opt for olives, kimchi, or sauerkraut (brine included) to give your ham and cheese sliders a completely different flavor.