Matthew McConaughey's Pickle Margarita Had The Internet In A Frenzy

Pickles are a welcome addition on top of fried chicken sandwiches and alongside a massive submarine, but what about in a margarita? For Matthew McConaughey, the answer is evidently "alright, alright, alright." The actor and apparent mixologist teamed up with chef Nick DiGiovanni in an Instagram reel to shake up a margarita featuring the briny snack and McConaughey's new Pantalones tequila. The result was a drink that had the internet in a frenzy.

The first step of their mixology adventure was to crack open a new jar of pickles and pour out about ¾ of the liquid. "All that pickle juice is gone, but it's being refilled with Pantalones Reposado Organico Tequila," McConaughey explained. Next, the pair added some agave, a few slices of fresh jalapeno, and some lime "for treble," then gave the concoction a shake. Finally, they poured the cocktail into a fresh glass over ice and garnished it with Tajin, dill, and a pickle spear (of course!).

"That's illegally good, isn't it?" the "Interstellar" actor quipped, and the taste test seemed to prove that right. "Son of a gun, this is better than I thought," he admitted after taking a big sip, while DiGiovanni said that the drink "gives you a party in your pantalones."

Matthew McConaughey has more margarita recipes for you to try

On the other side of the screen, viewers seemed just as excited as Matthew McConaughey and Nick DiGiovanni were about the boozy bevo. Several Instagrammers tagged their friends to spread the word about the pickle margarita, which many others said they wanted to shake up for themselves. While pickle juice cocktails (and even pickle margaritas) are not a new invention, McConaughey's version is sure to knock your pants off.

However, we understand that not everybody is a fan of the salty green snack. Fortunately, McConaughey has several other margarita recipes out there, like his Just Keep Livin' margarita, which features a combination of reposado tequila and orange liqueur, as well as citrus soda, lime juice, tonic water, and cranberry juice. McConaughey demonstrated how to make it on a 2010 episode of "Guy's Big Bite" with the Mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri, who, after taking a sip, described it as a "tasty" cross between a Mai Tai and a marg. Or try his Hot Pants margarita made with pineapple juice, lime juice, agave nectar, and jalapenos.