Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones Tequila Review: It Tastes Alright, Alright, Alright

Is there anything Matthew McConaughey can't do? Besides a seeming inability to consistently wear a shirt — on or off camera — the Academy Award-winning actor has demonstrated his wide-ranging talent over a decades-long career. Of course, after amassing a resume that spans the spectrum from "EDtv" to "True Detective," it's hardly surprising McConaughey's decided to pivot from the entertainment industry and test his talents with an entirely new venture: purveyor of high-quality tequila.

Now, to its credit, Pantalones seems keenly aware the tequila market's been oversaturated with celebrity-owned or endorsed products in recent years. Consequently, according to its website, the organic tequila brand appears more focused on bringing "a shot of fun" to the industry rather than merely producing a quality product (to take shots of).

First announced in October 2023 alongside a revealing ad campaign that featured McConaughey and his wife, Camila, sans pants — a playful acknowledgment of the brand's shared name with the Spanish word for, well, 'pants' — the brand offers three tequila types: blanco, reposado, and añejo. After receiving a sample of its blanco tequila (courtesy of Pantalones), we conducted a taste-test of the latest celebrity tequila brand. Without further ado, here's our review of Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones Tequila.

What's in Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones tequila?

As is often the case with alcohol sold at liquor stores in the U.S., there's no ingredient list printed on the side of the Pantalones bottle (nor does a detailed list of information appear to be available anywhere publicly). Alcohol isn't regulated the same way as other food and drink products by the FDA, so companies aren't required to provide that information to consumers. Then again, while we can't tell you everything that's included in Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones tequila, we can tell you it contains Blue Weber agave that's 100% organic.

Now, it's not exactly breaking news to state Pantalones tequila makes sole use of organic ingredients when making its three tequila varieties. The folks in charge — i.e., McConaughey, his wife Camila, et al. — haven't been shy about the company's products being produced with exclusively organically grown ingredients. Additionally, the utilization of Blue Weber agave isn't particularly newsworthy on its own (it's the only agave variety used to produce authentic tequila, after all). But the company proclaims its Blue Weber agave comes from thousands of acres of family-owned farms across Mexico in an aim to establish its tequila credentials further. We may not know the exact ingredients, but the listed flavor notes for each variety could provide further clues. The blanco contains hints of vanilla and lime, the reposado is sweet with vanilla and oak flavors, while the añejo also has notes of vanilla alongside a rich nuttiness.

How long is Pantalones tequila available and where?

By all accounts, Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones tequila wasn't designed as some flash-in-the-pan, pop-up-style liquor that's destined to disappear after a short period of availability (at least not intentionally). Yet if the company's website is to be believed, as of mid-December 2023, none of its three tequila varieties are available to the public for purchase.

Of course, that lack of availability is mainly because all three varieties of Pantalones tequila are sold out on the company's website. Now, while that may be the only option for some consumers, the three Pantalones varieties of tequila are also listed for sale on Total Wine's website. In other words, it seems some U.S. residents can still obtain a 750-milliliter bottle of McConaughey's new tequila (if they're lucky enough to live near a liquor store where it remains in stock, that is). For those individuals who don't reside in an area where this tequila brand remains available, be patient, as it's likely you'll be able to buy a bottle at some point in 2024.

How much does Pantalones tequila cost?

Whether or not healthier foods are more expensive than any nutritionally detrimental alternatives isn't for us to say (at least not in a review about a brand of tequila). But it does seem generally accurate to say organic products come with a premium price tag — and the 100% organic Pantalones tequila is no exception.

Perhaps any tequila that's owned and promoted by a world-famous actor like Matthew McConaughey would cost a pretty penny — even a hypothetical brand made with lower-quality ingredients. But the company's use of wholly organic items when producing each batch of tequila can't be overlooked, either, given its potentially responsible for the not-cheap nature of each variety of Pantalones tequila.

On that note, the website offers each of the three tequila varieties at different prices. A 750-milliliter bottle of the blanco variety is $44.99, the reposado variety is available for $49.99, while the añejo costs $54.99. This may not be the only avenue of purchase for Pantalones tequila, though, as each variety is listed on Total Wine's website — and for $5 less per bottle than the cost listed by the company itself.

What is the nutrition information for Pantalones tequila?

Not unlike our difficulties obtaining a list of ingredients used to make (and found within) each bottle of Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones tequila, we aren't able to inform you of the specific nutrition information for this brand of alcohol, either. Of course, that's because it doesn't appear that any nutrition information is available to the public — a common theme found when searching for the nutritional facts of virtually any alcohol brand.

As we noted earlier, the lack of FDA regulation over the alcohol industry means companies aren't required by law to share nutritional info. Consequently, alcohol-makers aren't apt to provide this information voluntarily, and the people in charge at Pantalones are no different. At the very least, we can say each variety of this tequila is 100% organic, so there's less risk of ingesting unseemly impurities when drinking Pantalones' products. Just remember that the more alcohol contained in a liquor, the greater the number of calories — and as an 80-proof liquor containing 40% ABV? It's not exactly a low-calorie option.

Verdict: A tequila as smooth as its Oscar-winning namesake

Even though we received a complimentary bottle of Matthew McConaughey's Pantalones blanco tequila to sample for this review, we weren't beholden to provide a positive assessment if the product was a dud. Thankfully, after a single sip of this incredibly smooth tequila, we morphed into a modern version of McConaughey's legendary "Dazed and Confused" character Wooderson — and felt "alright, alright, alright."

No matter the process of ingestion (casually sipped, taken a shot, or mixed in a cocktail), drinking this tequila was a stunningly delightful experience. The subtle lime flavor was notable with or without the actual fruit's presence — though we'd say the incorporation of a simple lime or lemon wedge only enhanced the liquor's inherent qualities. Additionally, unlike cheaper (or non-organic) brands of tequila, there was little to no kickback when taking a sip of Pantalones' blanco tequila, which was more than welcome (though slightly dangerous, given it ups the chances of swift inebriation). Simply put, McConaughey's Pantalones tequila is a fantastic tasting and wonderfully low-key liquor. No matter how we drank it, it was comparable to an expensive, top-shelf tequila — which we'd imagine was the company's precise goal with its release.