Use A Double-Pronged Cooking Method For Perfect Chicken Kiev

Tasty retro recipes are all the rage these days, and one of the most delicious and accessible is chicken Kiev. With its roots in the upscale cuisine of the early 20th century, many home cooks are surprised by the big flavors that can develop from simple ingredients. But the other key to making chicken Kiev lies in the dual cooking methods that bring it to life.

In the simple chicken Kiev recipe crafted by Mashed recipe developer Kristen Carli, the process starts in the skillet or frying pan. Here, the breaded, stuffed chicken breasts are shallow fried until the breadcrumb coating turns a deep golden brown. This typically takes about five minutes on each side over medium heat.

After the chicken is removed from the pan, it's transferred to a foil-lined baking sheet and finished in a 350 F oven. Over about 10-15 minutes, the chicken gently finishes cooking without drying out or burning the exterior.

Each of these cooking methods is critical to making the best chicken Kiev, which relies on the dual textural experience of a crunchy coating and a juicy, buttery interior. As Carli puts it, "pan frying the chicken first ensures that the crust gets crispy, but often the chicken is too big and not going to get cooked all the way through in that short of time. Baking ensures that the chicken gets cooked thoroughly."

Activate those flavorful fillings

Along with creating the ideal exterior and a safely cooked piece of chicken, using the oven allows plenty of time for the cold butter stuffed into the interior of the chicken breast to melt fully, while cooking the accompanying herbs and garlic. The practice of oven-finishing is common in the culinary world. It's most often seen with thicker cuts of steak or more robust, skin-on filets of fish. This restaurant cooking technique has the added benefit of freeing up another burner on your stove for sides or sauces.

If you need some inspiration for accompaniments, Carli says, "I love serving this with an asparagus salad or roasted broccoli." The buttery sauce in the chicken also pairs well with starchy sides like rice, mashed potatoes, or crusty bread. One taste and you'll understand that this double-pronged cooking method is a key reason Chicken Kiev is one of the most unique and delicious chicken recipes.