Why The Actor In Popeyes' Super Bowl 2024 Ad Looks So Familiar

Those who tuned in to the big game last year likely remember that Super Bowl LVII gave us plenty of great food commercials, and it seems as though 2024's big game will be no different. A teaser for Popeyes' Super Bowl ad has been released, and it features a very familiar face — none other than actor and comedian Ken Jeong.

Popeyes recently revealed in a press release shared with Mashed that the popular fried chicken chain would be airing its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. This slot is considered ideal for advertising, and that's especially true for a go-to game-day snack like chicken wings. Popeyes has been around since 1972, so if the folks behind the brand chose to wait until now to run a Super Bowl ad, fans can only hope it's a good one.

Choosing Jeong, who recently earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was just named the Trailblazer Comedian of the Year at the Critics Choice Awards, was the perfect choice to blaze the trail for the future of Popeyes' Super Bowl ads and introduce the chain's new five flavors of chicken wings. The star of the series "Dr. Ken" is actually a licensed physician, and according to him, Popeyes was an important part of his time as a doctor. Jeong recalled, "I did my residency in New Orleans where Al Copeland started the brand and there were many nights after a long shift that I treated myself with that iconic Popeyes chicken."

Ken Jeong has a history with Popeyes

This commercial is announcing Popeyes' new permanent menu offerings: bone-in wings whose flavors include Sweet 'N Spicy, Ghost Pepper, Honey BBQ, Signature Hot (which contains Cajun sauce and sweet elements), and Roasted Garlic Parmesan. In the commercial, Jeong's character chose to be cryogenically frozen, only to be thawed out when an improved chicken wing became available. As he reemerges, a team of scientists reveals that Popeyes has done exactly that. Jeong is thrilled to finally have a taste of these wings and to see the many innovations that have also come around since he was frozen, such as robot vacuums and food delivery drones. The Sweet 'N Spicy variety, which debuted last year, was met with great reviews.

It seems as though Ken Jeong is just as excited to join forces with Popeyes for its first Super Bowl ad as fans are to watch it. He went on to add, "To be a part of Popeyes' first-ever Big Game ad and add some comedy to the great wings news for so many Popeyes fans feels really great." We'd love to know what his go-to wing order is, but because Jeong didn't want to appear on "Hot Ones" before his wife convinced him, we're guessing he's likely to avoid any of the extra-hot options.