What Beer Was Shirtless Jason Kelce Drinking During The Kansas City Chiefs' Playoff Game?

Football has long been a family affair with the Kelce brothers, and now that Taylor Swift is in a relationship with Travis Kelce, even more cameras have been focused on the Kelce luxury suite during games. The Kansas City Chiefs' playoff game against the Buffalo Bills on January 21, 2024, at Highmark Stadium in New York was no exception. The cameras didn't shy away from showing fans the good time Kelce's friends and family were having.

The NFL on CBS account on X, formerly known as Twitter, posted a 10-second video that showed a laughing Taylor Swift hugging and bouncing up and down with Brittany Mahomes, captioning the clip: "Travis Kelce's suite is LIT." However, the more notable visual was a shirtless Jason Kelce directly behind them, casually downing a beer. Some fans were happy to see the eldest Kelce enjoying himself, calling him "the real hero" in the comments, with one user adding, "Praise to Jason Kelce!"

Of course, viewers were also eager to know which beer Kelce was drinking. The video clip briefly showed him bringing a blue can to his mouth before it drifted out of frame. From a distance, it appeared to say Bud Light in white letters, and the brand commented on the thread, "Can confirm."

Jason Kelce drank his brother to victory

The verified X account for the Kansas City Chiefs also posted a separate video of Jason Kelce celebrating at the game by screaming with his shirt off and arms wide open, captioning it: "NO. 1 HYPE MAN!!!!" Viewers were quick to point out a different beer in his hand. When deciphering the brand, another commenter suggested it was the Canadian brand Labatt Blue's light beer, Blue Light. According to one CNBC Sports Business Producer on X, Jason Kelce's antics resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertising for Labatt Blue, and we can only assume Bud Light saw a similar boost.

Ultimately, the shirtless night of celebration was warranted; the Kansas City Chiefs clinched a 27-24 victory against the Buffalo Bills. While Jason Kelce's choice of beer could have been a good omen, it could also be the cookies that Travis and Jason Kelce's mom still brings them before their games, especially since Travis Kelce scored two of the touchdowns for his team.