The Costco Food Court Hack For The Ultimate Cookie Sundae

Word that Costco would be discontinuing its beloved food court churros started circulating last December, and just a few short weeks later, the rumors were proven true. Warehouses in many states kicked off 2024 by removing the cinnamon sugar treat and replacing it with a double chocolate chunk cookie. Some stores have yet to start selling the baked goods. However, at the locations that have already made the swap, Costco members have not only ventured to the in-store eatery to give its latest offering a try but, in a classic 21st-century move, have also already incorporated the sweet treat into a new food court menu hack — a cookie sundae.

As demonstrated by Reddit user u/TheSaltiestLife, all one has to do to create this indulgent dish is order a chocolate sundae and one of Costco's new double chocolate chunk cookies. Once you've received your double dose of desserts, crumble the cookie into the ice cream, give everything a good mix, and voila. You've got yourself the ultimate Costco cookie sundae.

"Food court cookie trick is so good," the Redditor said, to which one person in the comments section concurred. "Just did this today, and it was amazing," another said. "I'll miss the churro, but this combo definitely distracted me from that grief," they added. Meanwhile, another shared a second hack they had seen with the ingredients: a Costco food court cookie and ice cream sandwich.

The problems some shoppers have with this sugary Costco food court hack

The Costco cookie sundae food court hack has piqued the interest of many shoppers. However, not everybody is enjoying it as much as our Reddit friend. After seeing u/TheSaltiestLife's post about the trick, u/sdf1k gave it a try and found that the dessert didn't exactly live up to the hype. The Redditor gave the mashup a dismal rating of 4 out of 10. While they noted that an overcooked double chocolate chunk cookie may be to blame, they ultimately decided to stick to their tried-and-true strawberry and vanilla ice cream sundaes.

Cookie doneness aside, many Costco cardholders have also expressed concern over the nutritional value of the dessert. At 690 calories per chocolate ice cream sundae and a whopping 750 calories per cookie, the treat practically maxes out the average daily caloric intake suggested for adults, especially if you're pairing it with a slice of pizza or one of its $1.50 hot dog combos. Then, there's the amount of sugar in the concoction, for which we can't give you an exact number, but we can say it's probably a lot.

That said, indulging in a daily cookie sundae from the Costco food court may not be the best idea. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy one every once in a while. After all, as u/TheSaltiestLife said, "Live a little."