Are Costco's Food Court Churros Being Discontinued?

Costco's food court gets plenty of praise for its affordable meal options, from its $1.99 slice of pizza to its hot dog and drink combo that has remained at $1.50 since 1985. One of the big-box chain's most affordable — and most classic — sweet treats is its churro. The large, twisted dough stick covered in cinnamon sugar was traditionally priced at $1, but it took a brief break from the menu following the pandemic and returned in 2021 with a slightly different recipe.

The upgraded churro was 20% larger, and the new recipe included vanilla and honey. The price also increased to $1.49. The size alone has made this treat appealing for tired shoppers, and it's a snack big enough for kids to share. Unfortunately, not all customers were happy about this replacement, with some taking to Reddit to vent. One user said in a post, "This twisted bread mockery of a dessert that has replaced my beloved churro needs to go."

Many commenters shared this sentiment, complaining about the strange texture and lack of crunch. It seems as though Costco may have also agreed, as rumors point to the churro being discontinued from the food court's menu completely. In a December 2023 Reddit post, one user claimed their brother, a Costco employee, revealed that the churros were being phased out, paving the way for a different dessert option to find a spot on the menu.

Reactions to the churro's potential departure are mixed

While much is still unknown about this transition, the Reddit poster claimed cookies will replace the churro, which was largely met with praise from commenters. One person said, "The churros are so bad. Any replacement is welcome," while others compared the treat to "sugar cardboard" and were happy to see it go. Although plenty of people do seem to support this change, the churros aren't completely despised; one commenter even shared their fondness for the new version of the product, noting that if the churros have to leave, Costco should "come up with something more creative than cookies."

While the change is unfortunate for churro lovers, another commenter confirmed the cookie news, saying that "agreements are finalized" with a cookie company and that the new treats should be available by early 2024. The user added that there are "almost no details" about this change but noted that the cookies are "supposed to be somewhat thick and big."

The discontinuation of the iconic Costco churro may feel like the end of an era, but its departure is likely due to a lack of sales. Of course, none of these rumors have been officially confirmed by Costco as of yet, so all claims should be taken with a grain of salt.