When You Eat Too Much Ice Cream, This Is What Happens

A big bowl of ice cream is one of those things in the world that is simply hard to say no to. And there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a tasty cone or sundae of your favorite flavors. But what if you're tempted to dig into a frozen bowl of deliciousness a couple of times a day? Is there such a thing as too much ice cream? Well, that definitely can be the case.

Here is looking at the obvious culprit: sugar. According to Eat This, Not That!, ice cream has large amounts of fat, calories, and sugar, and if you overdo it, you'll be eating around half a day's calories in one sitting. That doesn't sound like the ideal scenario, does it? Plus, eating excessive amount of ice cream can have some rather unexpected effects, things you probably didn't consider. 

Read on for more details on what can happen to your body if you start eating ice cream in unhealthy quantities.

The effects of eating too much ice cream

Ice cream in moderation can help you satisfy a craving and take care of your sweet tooth. But what can happen if you take your love for this delicious dessert a bit too far on a regular basis? As illustrated by Eat This, Not That!, there'll be some good consequences such as you'll be in a better mood. It's not just about the sugar rush either. Because of the fact that ice cream is high in carbs, you can expect to feel happier thanks to a rise in your serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that helps make you feel chirpier. Your muscles may gain strength, too, because as it turns out, the sugar content in your bowl of ice cream can stop protein breakdown and give you a boost. Surprisingly, the article also stated that one study found ice cream to be a possible aid in fertility. Who would've thought?

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of eating ice cream in excess outweigh the perks. All the usual suspects are in here: a higher chance of carrying around excess belly fat and dealing with obesity, feeling tired, a risk of heart disease, being bloated, brain fog, and the chance of getting addicted. SFGate also mentioned that the lactose in ice cream can be an issue for those who are intolerant. So while being conscious of what you eat is important, don't forget to enjoy your bowl of ice cream at the same time.