Taco Bell's Cheez-It Crunchwraps Are Hitting Nationwide Menus In 2024

While the main event of this weekend for most people may be Lunar New Year or perhaps the Super Bowl (or maybe even the pre-Valentine's Day weekend or the last one before Lent begins), Taco Bell superfans might be all atwitter over the brand's Live Mas event on Friday where it announced what lies ahead for the coming year. Spoiler: There will be cheesy things, crunchy things, and spicy things. Oh, and also the return of an oversized cracker that was quite the hit during its run in a very limited test market.

Yep, we're talking about the return of the Cheez-It Crunchwrap, just like we promised in the headline. If you're wondering about our use of the word "return," that may be because you don't live in Irvine, California, where both Crunchwraps and tostadas made with oversized Cheez-Its were introduced for a very brief trial back in 2022. Sure, giant Cheez-Its are always good for a few laughs on late-night talk shows, but apparently, they taste pretty good too since the Crunchwraps and tostadas were gone from Taco Bell's menu in an even more limited time than anticipated. Well, as of some time this year, Taco Bell patrons nationwide can try one of the items that sold out in Irving: a Cheez-It 16 times the cracker's normal size wrapped up in a tortilla with taco beef and nacho cheese sauce.

The Cheez-It Crunchwrap will be joined by a number of new menu items

This looks to be a pretty big year for Taco Bell, new product-wise. Starting the day after Valentine's Day, the brand will be revealing the latest of its made-up portmanteau words: Meet the Cheesy Chicken Crispanada. (No prize for guessing it's a more or less empanada-ish thing filled with chicken and cheese.) The chain will also add slightly jalapeño-flavored chicken nuggets to the lineup, complete with jalapeño honey mustard dip. Plus, at some point, there may be a few Tajín-flavored items on the menu, including tacos, cinnamon twists, and a Tajín-spiced strawberry Freeze.

It looks like Taco Bell will also be rolling out some new sauces, too, including an avocado-flavored salsa verde and something called serrabanero sauce. Yep, it's yet another portmanteau, but Taco Bell's not to blame for this one as the sauce was created by a company called Secret Aardvark. Of course, the sauce is made with serranos and habaneros, and it also includes tomatillos, onions, and what the company calls "secret spices." Very mysterious, but perhaps all will be revealed on the ingredients label when the sauce comes out in Taco Bell sauce packet form.