Everything Bagel Seasoning Gives Chicken A Major Flavor Boost

Everything bagel seasoning, a delightful blend of minced garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried onion, and kosher salt, has transcended its initial role. Since this savory, aromatic potpourri was originally concocted in 1980, it has evolved into a versatile ingredient that elevates a wide range of fare, including avocado toast, scrambled eggs, tuna steak, corn on the cob, hummus, popcorn, and even ice cream. However, Mashed recipe developer Carrie Madormo recognizes the sheer brilliance of using everything bagel seasoning as an alternative to traditional chicken breading.

The appeal of everything bagel seasoning extends far beyond the realm of the yeasty, ring-shaped bread. Madormo's everything bagel chicken recipe is a particularly noteworthy transformation, as it imparts a unique yet simple twist to classic fried or baked chicken. And when it comes to amplifying poultry, every herb and spice plays a starring role: The garlic provides piquancy; the poppy seeds contribute crunch; the sesame seeds add nuttiness; the dried onion instills sweetness; and the kosher salt ties everything together with its zippy brine.

Use everything bagel seasoning as a chicken breading substitute

Step aside, breadcrumbs! When you employ everything bagel seasoning as the "breading" for your chicken, you'll be introduced to a delectable fusion of textures, tastes, and aromas well before your first bite. As Carrie Madormo declares, "Warning: your kitchen is going to smell amazing." After dunking each piece of raw chicken breast into the standard flour-and-egg wash, all you have to do is dredge the bird in everything bagel season (rather than the tried-and-true, ever-beloved carbs) before sautéing on the stovetop and then baking in the oven until golden brown.

The garlic and onion work together to form the crust, while the poppy and sesame seeds collectively bring forth the delightful crispiness so many chicken lovers crave. To complete that "I'm (sort of) eating an everything bagel" feel, Madormo prefers stuffing each chicken breast with a generous portion of cream cheese. Of course, every entrée deserves to be accompanied by something equally as delicious. To further showcase the seasoning's versatility, Madormo highly recommends pairing the low-carb chicken dish with a side salad or roasted vegetables. The freshness of a salad and the earthiness of grilled veggies complement the robustness of the everything bagel seasoning, yielding an undeniably satisfying meal.