Costco Is Now Selling Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Jars

In terms of snacks, Costco has become a curator of sorts, perpetually introducing customers to new and exciting products. The latest addition to the retailer's repertoire — which debuted in the U.S.'s Southeastern region on Valentine's Day — is aimed directly at lovers of all things peanut butter.

The peanut butter cup jars produced by dessert company Jar Joy have become a fast favorite among users on Instagram and TikTok. Featuring a chocolate cookie and cake crumble base, a layer of chocolate chip-laced peanut butter cream, and a Swiss chocolate topping, the 4-ounce layered dessert jars are a twist on an old favorite.

Other Jar Joy flavors, like strawberry cheesecake and the discontinued cookies and cream cheesecake, have been featured on and off at Aldi since 2020. The recently-released peanut butter cup jars, however, are currently a Costco exclusive, only available at 26 locations scattered across Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. Comments on one TikTok video from user @costcohotfinds that showed the dessert mostly seemed dejected that the item wasn't available at all locations, with one person exclaiming, "This better be in Canada!!!" and another lamenting, "Not my Costco."

Jar Joy has been making layered creations for 10 years

Jar Joy, founded in 2014, was originally a small-scale operation, with Sarah Hunte and her husband, Shaun, selling her layered culinary creations from a local food truck. The company once produced 12 different flavors of its jarred cheesecakes, some of which were previously sold at national retailers like Aldi and Sam's Club. Following a rebranding effort carried out by the agency Smash Brand, however, Jar Joy began offering just six flavors: Mississippi Mud Pie, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, salted caramel brownie, peanut butter marshmallow, and — of course — social media's latest darling, peanut butter cup.

Like all of Jar Joy's desserts, its peanut butter cup flavor is made with premium, all-natural ingredients like whole milk, butter, and cocoa powder. All six flavors will eventually be available to buy online, but for the time being, six-packs of the individually portioned peanut butter cup jars are available for purchase at select Costco stores. How much will these cost anyone actually able to find them? At one location, at least, an Instagrammer found them for $12.99.