These Jarred Cheesecakes From Aldi Are Turning Heads

There are perhaps only two things better than enjoying a delicious homemade cheesecake: not having to bake your own from scratch, and not having to share with anyone else. Now, dessert company Jar Joy is making that experience accessible to everyone by crafting tasty cheesecakes and storing each dessert in jars perfectly portioned for a single, ready-to-eat serving. It has recently partnered with the discount supermarket Aldi, selling its mini treats for just $1.99 each at locations nationwide.

According to Best Products, Aldi shoppers can choose between two special Valentine's Day-themed flavors. The decadent White Chocolate Raspberry features a sweet white chocolate cheesecake with a crumbly crust and a tart red raspberry topping. The richly delicious Death by Chocolate flavor combines a chocolate cheesecake with a chocolatey crust, completed with swirls of chocolate topping.

These specialty flavors join Jar Joy's other delectable cheesecake flavors, like Cookies and Cream, Key Lime Pie, and Harvest Pumpkin Pie, per Jar Joy's website. Fans of its other flavors couldn't wait to give these new releases a try. "I bought a full case!! These are absolutely amazing," @koala6812 posted to Instagram.

Jar Joy is teaming up with @theamazingaldi to give away free jars of cheesecake

Even better, there is a way to try these new cheesecake flavors for free. The popular Instagram account @theamazingaldi is teaming up with Jar Joy to give a mixed six-pack of these jarred cheesecakes away to two lucky winners. @theamazingaldi explained the rules of the giveaway on their page, and people clearly couldn't hold in their excitement.

While social media users were excited to hear about these sweet new flavors, many were even more excited about the prospect of winning this giveaway. Follower @hazeleyes0403 wrote: "I LOVE cheesecake! The cookies and cream was so good! I would LOVE to try the death by chocolate," while user @rachel_cas11 announced: "I need to look for these flavors this weekend!" Based on the Instagram replies, quite a lot of Aldi shoppers are trying their best to win these free cheesecake jars. But even if you aren't one of the lucky winners, you can still visit your local Aldi to get a taste of these uniquely delicious desserts for a steal at less than two bucks a jar.