The Hilarious Off-Camera Encounter Betwen Nigel Kabvina And Owen Han - Exclusive

Owen Han will be enjoying the sunny beach at Foodie Con at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, a dramatic change from his recent visit to rainy England. In London, Han met up with fellow food content creator Nigel Kabvina for a collaboration. Both produce beautifully complex foods that immediately make your stomach rumble, but while Han's setup is rustic and casual, Kabvina is all about elegance and refinement to the max. This difference in approaches led to a hilarious off-camera encounter between the two, which Han revealed in an exclusive interview.

Han and Kabvina made a plan to meet up on a rainy day in London. After going from shop to shop, finding the perfect ingredients, and getting completely soaked, Han set off to meet Kabvina. "He was staying at the Four Seasons," said Han. "He takes me up to the room and I walk inside and there's just an orchestra playing violins at my entrance." Han was both stunned and amused. "I was like, 'Is this a joke? Am I being punked?'"

Breakfast taken to the max

Describing the contrast between his appearance and the setting, Owen Han said, "I have my backpack, I'm half soaking wet. I have sneakers on because I didn't have room for dress shoes." The interaction came about because Nigel Kabvina was filming a separate bit. Han thought the whole thing was "super funny."

Having a violin ensemble serenade you upon entering is incredibly on-brand for Kabvina, whose videos frequently feature him bringing flowers and wearing a full suit to prepare his delicate meals. After a rainy morning of running errands, being treated with such pomp and circumstance would make anyone feel special. Han said, "It was super cool," and that Kabvina is "such a nice guy."

After the encounter, Han was able to get cleaned up and have breakfast. He even brought a suit so they could match. The pair then set to work and made an elevated breakfast sandwich, perfectly pairing Han's sandwich content with Kabvina's elaborate brunches. The sandwich featured teriyaki glazed ham, honey butter toast, and shiso leaf, among other ingredients. And this time, Han brought the flowers in the video.

Catch Owen Han at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (February 22-25).