Coors Light's March Madness Advent Calendar Wants To Ease Busted Bracket Blues

March Madness is fast approaching, for many college basketball fans, that means making brackets. This year, the tournament begins March 19 and ends April 8 — that's 21 days of basketball fun. Coors Light is joining in the fun. While the company celebrated the event last year with the release of Coors Light beer-flavored popsicles, this time, it is dropping "Countdown to Chill Calendars" to help fans (of both beer and basketball) follow along with the tournament.

According to an email sent to Mashed, this calendar is not dissimilar to advent calendars during the holiday season — on each of the 21 days of the tournament, fans can open a box on their calendar to reveal a new gift. They may even take some solace in it if the team they rooted for suffers a loss. The goal of the Countdown to Chill Calendar is to alleviate the disappointment and pain a fan may feel if their bracket does not succeed — which is more likely than not. According to the NCAA, folks who are somewhat knowledgeable about basketball have a 1 in 120.2 billion chance of filling out a perfect bracket. For those who pick randomly, the odds drop to about 1 in 9.2 quintillion, so good luck. Still, we can all hold out hope that the perfect bracket could be ours. Coors Light will release the Countdown to Chill Calendars on March 11, at 12 p.m. ET. They each go for $21.

What kind of gifts does the Coors Light's calendar have?

For those wondering what could be inside a brewing company's advent calendar, Coors Light has revealed a few of the 21 gifts. Unexpectedly, the Countdown to Chill Calendar contains a non-beer beverage option — Chill Tea. This is less surprising when you consider tea's calming abilities. Perhaps it will ease bracket nerves. Another prize is the A Little Help Please' Candle, which Coors Light hopes people will light when in need of a basketball miracle.

Coors Light blurs the line between creative and random gifts with press-on nails. According to Coors Light, they will "keep your nails looking 'chill'" despite all the nail-biting moments of watching the games. Something about that may sound familiar even if you can't quite put your finger on it. Last year, Coors Light released color-changing nail polish to tell people when their beer can was perfectly chilled, so there's a bit of a theme. Things get even more interesting with the Glass Slipper Charm, which can remind fans that for some teams, this fairy tale season wasn't meant to last. It's safe to say that those who buy the Coors Light March Madness advent calendar can take these gifts as seriously or unseriously as they want.