Coors Just Released Beer-Flavored Popsicles In Time For March Madness

The heat of March Madness NCAA basketball starts today, you may be looking for ways to keep yourself cool under all of the pressure. With the hype of this year's tournament, you could be looking to host a two-week shindig at your own home with plenty of tasty treats and ice-cold beverages or visit your local sports bar to take in the games with a handful of hoop-loving friends. Either way, before the action hits peak excitement and you find your stress levels maxing out, Coors Light has thought up a new way for you to keep your cool.

The light beer brand has long since been a popular choice among those who want a crisp-tasting brew without the heavy alcohol content to bog you down. Now, you can enjoy all of the taste of your favorite Coors Light beverage in a non-alcoholic push-up popsicle just in time for March Madness to begin. In a press release, Vice President of Marketing for Coors, Marcelo Pascoa said, "Every point, slam dunk, assist and block puts you on the edge of your seat, but a taste of a Coors Light Coors-icle will bring you back to a moment of chill. We're making sure that fans watching the games at home or at bars nationwide can cool down with a Coors-icle." Let's check out how you can get your hands on these chilly treats before tip-off begins.

Here's how you can get the new Coors-icles

If you are looking for a cold tasty treat during this year's March Madness tournament, then Coors Light will be offering its limited-time-only Coors-icles from March 14 to March 24, every weekday at 12 p.m. EST, while supplies last, according to a press release (via Cision PR Newswire). Customers 21 years or older can purchase a six-pack of non-alcoholic Coors-icles online or at select locations nationwide. You can also enter to win a pack of these unique icy treats to enjoy as you cheer on your favorite college basketball team as they shoot for glory.

To help endorse this limited promotion, Coors teamed up with the legendary and undeniably un-chill basketball commentator Dick Vitale, releasing a commercial that has the usually boisterous host, showing people how to keep their cool. So if you are a beer fan looking to temper that hot head and make certain that you keep it chill while your team is lighting up the court, then consider this could be the adult popsicle for you