Coors Light's New Color-Changing Nail Polish Will Tell You When Your Beer Is Perfectly Chilled

Fancy a nice manicure? Perhaps you were unaware, but if you love both a fresh coat of paint on your nails and food, the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. Earlier this year, Sally Hansen released a nail polish line inspired by Sour Patch Kids, including tropical colors like Pink Punch and Plum-believable (via Drugstore News). This past summer, Nails.INC partnered with Velveeta to produce two cheese-scented flavors, one in a striking red and another imitating the classic color of Velveeta cheese (via Food & Wine). Now, Coors Light is jumping on the nail polish bandwagon.

According to a press release obtained by Mashed, Tuesday, Coors Light released one of its newest products: Chill Polish. The nail polish is available in the company's online shop for $7. But the special part about this Le Chat brand nail polish is in the way it shows off your nails at the grasp of a cold pint.

Chill Polish turns blue when your Coors Light is ready to drink

To test out the magic behind the new Chill Polish from Coors Light, you'll want to pop a can or bottle of Coors Light in the fridge. While that sits, grab the polish and paint your nails a nice shade of gray. Then pour a pint of Coors Light and hold it tight. If your nails turn blue, voila! The beer is ready to drink, according to a press release. If they remain gray, it's back into the fridge. 

The polish contains the same color-changing technology as the brand's iconic beer cans that see its mountain logo change from silver to blue when at 42 degrees, according to CNN. "Coors Light should always be served as cold as the Rockies, but sometimes it's hard to know when you're drinking from a pint glass," said Marcelo Pascoa, Coors Family of Brands' vice president of marketing (per press release). Of course, this means that any brew will do, as long as it's the right temperature.

Coors Light says that it will be releasing a limited number of Chill Polish bottles every Tuesday through December 13, so get 'em while they're hot — or, in this case, chill.