Robert Irvine Is Working On A New Show And We've Got The Details - Exclusive

Robert Irvine fans were devastated when "Restaurant: Impossible" was left in limbo after a popular 11-year run on Food Network, with Irvine himself tweeting that he has "no idea why it stopped," but that fans should stay tuned for his next project. While Irvine's July 2023 tweet was cryptic, Mashed was given a bit more insight when we caught up with him at this year's Nassau Paradise Island Wine and Food Fest.

That next project, it turns out, is already in the works. Unfortunately, Irvine is still not able to spill the beans on the title of the upcoming show, but he promised it would be similar to his beloved Food Network program, stating the new project would be about "saving businesses." The yet-to-be publicly-named show has already begun filming and fans can expect to see an announcement (if not an episode) in the "next month or so," according to chef Irvine.

Continuing Restaurant: Impossible's legacy

At the Nassau Paradise Island Wine and Food Fest's Jerk Jam — hosted by chefs Robert Irvine and JJ Johnson, with a performance by Wyclef Jean — chef Irvine explained the upcoming show is currently filming in the United States. It is being created with CBS and Paramount, so we can assume it will be available for streaming, if not airing on television as well.

Though Food Network has not officially decided the fate of "Restaurant: Impossible," despite repeated demands from Irvine and viewers, the chef and author of "Overcoming Impossible: Learn to Lead, Build a Team, and Catapult Your Business to Success" shared he "chose not to wait and to move on," refusing to rest on his laurels. We are sure fans of Irvine and "Restaurant: Impossible" will be pleased with the new show, which seems like it will follow in its predecessor's footsteps. "I want to change people's lives" shared Irvine, "and that starts with food."