Robert Irvine Calls Out Food Network For The Return Of Dinner: Impossible

Robert Irvine, or "Bobby I" as no one calls him, has never been a wallflower. The Guardian reports that he's so brash he even went so far as to make up a bunch of outrageous lies to pad his resume. Then there's his show "Restaurant: Impossible," in which he regularly berates stubborn restaurant owners (via YouTube) who believe, despite the egregious failure of their businesses, that they know what they're doing. Irvine has even been called flat "mean" for some of his behavior, yet he says he's "intense ... not mean."

That intensity can quickly come out of Irvine over the smallest things. In an interview with Thread MB, he once explained why he gets so emotional, and it comes down to being passionate about helping people. He said, "Being able to give back is what is most rewarding about my career." That career has taken him through a whole host of shows, from "Restaurant Rivals" to "Kitchen Expedition" to the now-dormant "Dinner: Impossible." However, though "Dinner: Impossible" is now gone, Irvine is using his outspoken nature to tell fans how the show might be brought back from its rest, yet again.

The last time "Dinner: Impossible" episodes were seen was in 2021, and then it was merely a brief run of four episodes, says IMDb. However, with enough demand from fans, and backing from the Food Network, there could always be more.

Dinner: Impossible could return, but only if the fans tell the Food Network to step up

"Dinner: Impossible" has never officially been canceled. It merely tends to go on extended hiatus, with new episodes suddenly dropping whenever the Food Network seems to feel it might be worth reviving for a few episodes here and there. One fan of the show recently asked Robert Irvine on Twitter, "Do you think Dinner Impossible will return?" The chef replied, "That will be a question for @FoodNetwork." He went on to say, "If people want it, they have to tell them."

Though this might not be terribly aggressive, the message that Irvine is sending is clear: Anyone who wishes to see "Dinner: Impossible" back on the airwaves, or streaming, needs to make their voice heard. It's not uncommon for shows to be revived if there are enough fan requests. After all, fans funded the "Veronica Mars" movie (via The Guardian), got "Futurama" to bring sci-fi satire back (via The Hollywood Reporter), and let "Lucifer" return to the mortal realm (via Insider). While none of these were on the Food Network, all it should take is enough outcry to see Irvine again making impossible foods.

One Twitter user is already seeking people to join the cause. They asked Chef Rob, "Do you still want to do it?" This user then declared that they would consider a grassroots movement to "pressure the network" to bring it back.